10 Safe Places to Meet a Date

a First Date

Is it your first date? Are you nervous? Are you also conscious about your first date? Have you not decided on the location yet? Are you clueless about where to take your first date?

These are the questions that arise in the mind of every guy when they are planning for their first date. It is natural. Every guy is nervous when they have to go on a date. But when you know you are already nervous about the date, why don’t you plan it already?

You can visit various dating sites and take help from them. These dating sites have plenty of ideas for your first date, and you will be able to get some good dating tips for your first date. You can visit brickhousedating.com, it will help you get prepared about your first date and you will have some amazing tips that you can cash easily and impress your date.

Now that you have planned everything from what you will wear to what you will eat, you also need a safe place to meet your date. It has to be comfortable and not too fussy. This is the time when you both need to know about each other and decide whether you two go well together or not. For that purpose, you will require a place where you two can sit and talk, or walk on that way and exchange your thoughts.

This is a crucial time for you. If this first date goes well you can be quite confident about the second date and there won’t be so much pressure build on you like it is on the first date.

Now that you have to decide where to take your first date to, we have some suggestions for you.

Here is a list of places you can go to and have a perfect first date.

The Beach

Take her to the beach. The serene experience and the breezy wind will surely work in your favors. The beach is some of those places with which you can never go wrong. You will enjoy at the beach with your date, you can also take a long wale where you can be hand in hand and talk about likes and dislikes.

The first date at a beach is surely going to be a great experience and a favorite and a very memorable date for her.

You can also make some ham and cheeseburgers along with some fizzy drinks and that’s how a perfect date is.  You can also dance to some slow song on the beach side and light a bonfire at night. Could it be any more romantic? Your date partner will love it and will surely fall in love with you, head over heels.

Make her feel special and she will love it the most.

The Park

This too is a great option. You can take your date to a park, where you two can spread a mat and sit while watching the sunset. Bring some food, if you have made it yourself it is superb and an excellent move to impress your date.

Pro tip: Girls love when guys put some extra effort for them. If you make her feel comfortable, she will trust you completely and would want to be with you forever. Respect her and make her feel wanted through some little efforts, these efforts mean the most to them.

The Zoo

This is another public place which is counted as one of the safest places for a first date. If you are meeting a girl, she might not be comfortable in meeting you at a place where there are no people. To make her feel comfortable you can choose a public place. a zoo is a great option in that case.


Take her to a restaurant. Sit across and talk to her. Honestly, I wouldn’t want my first date in a posh restaurant. Try to find a restaurant that is not so posh and you don’t have to keep up the image. Choose a place where she can be comfortable. Choose a place where she can wear comfortably and where you can crack a joke. So, when she laughs you can see her most beautiful face and the laughter does not disturb others.

Choose a restaurant that is not jam-packed, in that case, a new restaurant is an amazing idea. Make a reservation. Pull her seat and help her sit. Offer her a small something, maybe a flower. This will impress her and she will like your gestures.

The Festival

Take her to the festival. She will be indulging in the vibe and enjoy the most. This date will be a fun date, in which you both enjoy more than talking. This is also a great idea of how to start your relation and you both with know your likes and dislikes and also your behavior in public.

Farmers Market

You can take her to the farmers market. You can get some farm fresh fruits and veggies and talk to her. Load the things into the car and take her to a long drive. This small date is also special.


A concert is a great place for a date to take. It is also a safe place. The girl will also enjoy a lot and you will also learn about her taste in music.


Meet her over a cup of coffee. Let her tell you about her daily routine and you tell her about yours. Listen to her rants about some office work and console her. Don’t act boring. Make her feel better by listening and advising.


You can meet at a bar at the weekend and discuss each other over some drinks.


Girls love desserts. They love when guys pamper them. Take her to an ice cream parlor and talk to her about her favorite flavor and everything else she likes.

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