Cheap Places to Take Your Date

Is it your first date? Is it the date with someone you really like?

We are sure you want to spend some fun time with your date partner, you want to enjoy the date at its best and get more about your date, but what if you are on a budget?

It is not a big problem, you don’t have to be nervous or stressful and try to have a fancy date. You can have a date that is simple and budget friendly. The money and the budget of the date do not matter, the comfort and the fun matters the most. Now, if you are thinking of a budget-friendly and cheap place to take your date, we have some ideas for you.

But you need to make sure you make this simple date, fun and memorable for both of you. If the date is with a person whom you really like, then your date is going to be amazing. All you need is to be comfortable, confident and fun. She will love when you do something for her.

It will matter to her more than any extravagant date options. You just need to master the art of impressing your date and make your date feel loved. That all she will want from you along with care and respect. Remember these golden principles to impress your date and your date will never go wrong.

Here is some dating advice about the cheap places you should take your date. The following ideas make sure you stay under budget yet make your date amazing.


If it is winters, when the nights are chilly, take your date partner to the beach. Collect some wood planks and lit a bonfire. Sit by its side, under a cozy blanket and talk to her. A date can’t get any more romantic than this. You will hear the gushing water sound from the sea and the chilly wind making you cold but being close to each other will be a lot cozier.

This is an idea of a perfect date under budget.


Take her to a museum on the weekend. Try to talk to her more about each other than about the museum. Ask her likes and dislikes, make her comfortable enough to talk to you. After you guys are done with the museum trip sit in a park and get her and yourself a taco or a wrap from the roadside vendor.

This simple and small date will surely be wonderful.


If it is summer, take her to the poolside. Have a nice time together, when you can have fun and talk all about each other. This is a great date idea for a budget-friendly date.


Go for a picnic. Take some homemade food along and sit with her. Talk about her ambitions and her liking. The picnic can be at a park or anywhere you feel right. This is another idea for your cheap date.

Ferry Ride

Take two tickets for the ferry ride and take your date partner to the ferry ride. Make her see the beautiful scenery and the serene waves that will calm the nerves. This is a perfect cheap date idea for you.

Sports Ground

Take her to the match, a cricket, football or maybe a basketball match. Cheer while sitting in the audience and enjoy your hot dots together. This is a great date idea for the starters.


Go with her to the karaoke night. Karaoke is so much fun and you can have a great time with her at the karaoke. Luckily the karaoke night will not cost you a lot. It is a fit for the budget-friendly date idea.


Do you remember, when did you actually paid attention to the stars? How beautiful they are! You can take your date for stargazing where phones will not be allowed. Lie down and look at the constellations. It can not only get more romantic but also a great idea for you to enjoy this little date with your loved one in a budget.

Go Wine Tasting

You can take her for the wine tasting. This is always so much fun and not very expensive. You can enjoy the wine tasting and date in a small budget.


If you both are fond of reading and you don’t think it is boring for a date, you can take your date partner to attend a reading of a newly launched book. This event will surely fill her with the idea of you being an intellectual and she will love it. This is a great idea for a cheap date.


Take her to bowl. Have a little tiny competition with her. Let her win. Enjoy your date while bowling.


If there is any festival or carnival going on, it is a must to go there. You can take your date to the carnival and enjoy the vibe. Festivals are super fun. You both will surely have a great time there, with each other, that too in little money.


You can also go to the gym together. A couple that works out together, enjoys together. It is surely fun and you should not doubt about this idea. It is a perfect budget-friendly date idea.

Drive-in Movie

Drive-in the movie is a perfect dreamy and romantic concept. You can take her to a movie and spent a night chilling while watching a movie. A date can not get better than this.

Go to a Stand-up Comedy Show

You can take her to the show or a comedy play where you both will laugh it all out. It is always a great experience to go for the show together and the plus is that it will not cost you a lot.


Take her to a concert, it will surely be a great experience. You can go to the concert of your favorite musician and enjoy the time of your life.

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