How Do I Get Him to Notice Me?

Do you like him? Is he your crush? Do you want him to notice you?

These are the questions that arise when you really like someone. You want all of their attention and all the love they have. If you are into someone you want to have their undivided attention. You will want to impress him in every possible way. You will also want him to notice you, even the minor changes in you.

These are the little things that girls want. Now here are a few dating tips for you about how to make him notice you. You can also browse some more dating tips and advice on our website We provide you the best match and some great dating tips for you.

The following advises will help you to make him notice you and you can also impress him by using the following tips.

A Big Flashy Smile

If you want him to notice you without talking, put on your best jewelry that is your smile. A big pretty smile is always flattering. You can never say no to it. Make sure there is nothing on your teeth, not the lipstick mark or the food stuck from the dinner you ate. If you want him to notice you, bring out your best self and don’t do too hard on it.


Being a little clumsy will work in your favor. Boys love when you are clumsy. You can accidentally bump into them and make them notice you without talking. Make this first move so strong that he can not stop thinking of you even when you are not there. This is a clever move that you should take at the right moment and the perfect timing.

You might think it is a cliche but trust me it will always work in your favors. Try not to be overdramatic about it and go easy on your self. Don’t show him your clumsiness of the stairs you might get into bigger troubles.

Use the Phrase “I like When Guys …”

Now that you like a guy, you and your best friend might have investigated every possible information about him. Try to focus on his likes and dislikes. If you ever get a moment with him, don’t be shy but strike a conversation. Start your conversation with “I like when guys..” and try to move forward with mentioning all his likes. This will leave him with no clue but the thought of you.

This is a win situation for you and you will surely crack it.

Body Language

Let your body do all of it for you. You can just be a little conscious of certain things. Like if you are sitting, lean a little forward, and if you are standing, stand with him and not away from him. Make sure your feet pointed towards him when you are talking. He will surely notice these signs and with notice you even without talking much.

A Chance to Approach

If you want him to approach you, it is clearly not possible if you are in a group of friends. No boys will come to you when you are standing in a bunch of people. Try to wander around him when you are alone, but not make it so obvious.

This way he will notice you and get a chance to approach you without being shy or without the fear of being judged.

Does He Know That You are Single?

Most guys refrain from approaching you as they think you might be committed to someone. Make sure he has a clear idea that you are single and you are not into someone. This way he will have a clear ground and will surely notice you and approach you.

Peachy Pink

According to the research most men love and are attracted to this color. The color is suitable for most of the skin tones. This color will get him to notice you without talking.

Wear the color that suits you the best when you think you will bump into him. Look good, be your best self. Try not to go so hard on yourself.

Don’t Be Desperate

Try to act cool around him. If you pretend and try to get a lot of attention from him he will surely stay away from you. Try to be confident and yet positive about it. You can not force yourself on him. Be cool and wait for him to approach you. he will approach you if you try to get over his head and ask for attention all the time.

Connect of Social Media

This is a big advantage of social media that it will be much easier for him to approach you there and know more about you. If you like him, it is okay to make the first move by adding him on your social media.

Let Him Help

If you are in trouble and he offers to help let him do it. Don’t be reluctant, take this as a positive gesture.

If he likes you he will surely want to help you in every possible way and whenever you are in need.

Catch His Eye

If you catch his eye, hold it. Try to make eye contact. Notice if his pupils dilate. This is the sign that he likes you and thinks about you. This is a point where you can be sure if he likes you and notices you or not.

There are multiple another dating tips and dating advice that might be useful, but you know what is more useful, being your true self. If you like someone, tell them. Don’t wait for them to say it. It might take a lot of time and you will stay anxious all the while. It is better, to be honest about the way you feel for someone and how you much you like them.

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