How to Ask For a Kiss?

Are you on a date and quite nervous? Have you already gotten comfortable enough and you don’t want to leave just by hugging? Are you anxious that a girl would say no if you lean in or ask for a kiss? Do you want the solutions of these problems?

Then, you are going in the right direction. We have the solutions of all these problems. Most people have the approach of not asking for it and just doing it which is not a full proof plan. You can not be always successful in that especially if it’s the first date. Kissing the date partner should not be the only motto of our date. Try to know her and make a comfort level with her. Also, you can’t expect to get kissed or asked by the girl to kiss you. This is a rare case scenario and does not work always.

Besides if you have an approach of getting kissed by a girl you might straighten the track. Let’s talk about the date now, if you have noticed that your date partner is quite liking your company and enjoying to be with you, it is a plus. You will always get a vibe if the date was going well. And then you move onto the next step. It may be leaving a kiss, or when you both are going back and it is the certainty that there are clear chances of having multiple dates ahead and the date partner likes you.

There are a few things which you should be sure of before asking or planning the kiss. These include:

  • You must not have bad breath, it will ruin the situation.
  • You must be sure about it.
  • You must not force it.
  • It has to be mutual.

Now that you have checked all the points, you can now plan for asking her for a kiss.  There are many ways when you can do it. It might also go well if you don’t ask and just go for the kiss, but for that, you both have to be into each other quite a lot.

Consent is a big deal. And without that, you must not do it.

Now let’s talk about the ways how can you ask the girl for a kiss. The following dating tips for men might be a lifesaver for you.

Don’t Wait For a Little Too Much

It is okay to be a little patient but waiting for too long will kill the vibe. If you feel the moment is right you should ask him and go for the kiss. Making her wait because you feel anxious can ruin the mood and the situation. Make sure that the time is right and the moment is perfect for the two of you. You just need to figure out the right time. One must think that you need to make sure while asking is, whether the girl is okay with it and comfortable completely in the situation or you just forcing it onto her.

The comfort of both sides is a must.

Make Eye Contact 

Now before asking for a kiss, don’t be so straight but what you need to do is to create a vibe. Make eye contact with your date partner and make sure she is into you the way you are. This is the stage when you should not rush things quicker. This is the best moment. Maintain the eye contact for a second or two and hold her hand or maybe shoulder, whatever you are comfortable in.  

Now you can lean in and ask in a comparatively slow voice for a kiss. It can be an indirect question with a sweet little gentle way of asking. You can ask her for a moment before you leave and go for the kiss.

Make it Quick

You might be a bit shy and asking for a kiss can be a load of anxiety for you. In that case what you need to do is to make a quick question and get it done with. If the answer is yes the anxiety will immediately go away and you will feel a lot better and more confident.

You can make a short and a quick question but one thing you need to be careful about. It is that you should not make it awkward for the other person or do not make her feel forced. You need to care about the tone in which you ask and the selection of words. The word selection can make a big difference.

Be Confident

Tell her you are into her. Tell her you like her. This confident attitude will be liked by the girl so much. But be sure it’s mutual. If you are confident all of this becomes a lot easier for you. You can tell her that you would want to kiss her. Wait for the answer and if she smiles or nod, lean in and go for the kiss.

One thing that you have to be sure of is that you need to be confident yet romantic.

Use Your Body Language

It is not necessary that you ask her through words. You can use your body language to ask for it. You can move your body towards her and wait for the affirmation from her side as she leans in too. She will get the hint and if she would not want it she will move away or say a straight no.

You Need to be Patient

Now the question is, should you ask for the first kiss? The answer is a big yes. Respect her and make her feel wanted she will surely say a yes. Don’t try to be over opinionated and forceful that she becomes uncomfortable. You need to make your first kiss romantic.

Be gentle and don’t rush. Rushing for a kiss will ruin it. If it is your first kiss, make sure it is gentle and small. Try not to be a creep and make this a great memory, that will stay with you forever.

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