How To Get Rid Of An Unattractive Date

Had it ever happened to you that you went on a blind date and it was a turn off just by seeing the other person? Or you got connected with someone and decide to go on a date without properly knowing anyone? There are times when the person you decide to date just by looking at the pictures turns out to be unattractive. Being unattractive is not about facial features and explicit personality. It also depends on implicit personality features.

If somebody has set you up on a blind date and the blind date turns out to be unattractive it is a quick turn off. Here are some of the dating tips for women and for men about how to get rid of an unattractive date.

First, you need to understand what unattractive means. It is not concerned by the physical features but the personality, thinking, habits and etiquette’s also.

Suppose your date is a person who doesn’t know how to talk and respect, it quickly turns in to a big no for you. There are at times when you will feel trapped with this unattractive date. So here are some tips, you may count them as the golden dating tips. These dating tips will help you this time and many other times later.

So, if you land in a situation where you have no clue how to get rid of the unattractive date, and you can not say a straight up know, you might have to wait for the other person to say it or for the date to end. And then disconnect from him on every platform and never answer him again. But this is certainly not the correct way to do it. You need to be polite and not sound rude or pathetic.

You get an idea to run soon after you realize that you are stuck in an unattractive date situation. But you might not want to ruin the nice image of you, because it’s a small world and you never know when you might bump into the same person and then it becomes unavoidable.

Listed below are some ways to avoid and get rid of an unattractive date.

 Be Gentle

You don’t have to be so straight forward and rude about it. You can be gentle and polite and state it in a way that, “I am not into you”. this line will save you all the time. Trust me, you don’t have to be impolite. You can just spend some time with the unattractive blind date and casually say that you don’t think this is a good idea. This way he or she will not be expecting a second date and will not feel offended.

Make an Excuse

This is a test for you of how fast your mind works to make an excuse. But before making one you should have it in mind that you don’t make an excuse with a loophole. You can clearly not say that you have a boyfriend. Because then the other would be on the counter to tell you why you agreed for a blind date in the first place also if he is someone you met through friends, he can inquire it from them about the excuse. Make sure to state something that does not kill you later.

This the time you need to think of something like you just don’t get the right vibe or any other reason.

Be Honest

One thing you should avoid is to lie about what you feel. You can be nice but not nice enough to date someone you don’t like. Therefore, you need to be honest and say whether you like them or not. You can not just keep it in the middle where you are not sure about your feelings.

This will only hurt the feelings of the other person. Make it quick. If you are honest it will be a one-time thing. You will not keep feeling bad about what you did and regret later about lying to the other one. This is the most important dating tip.

Try an Ego Booster

If you aim to turn down a guy on the thing you should take care of, hat you should not put him in self-doubt. You need to tell him that he or she is good but just not the one for you. Try o boost his ego and tell him all the good traits about him. this way he won’t feel bad about himself and you will not sound impolite.

Do it Yourself

Try to tell him personally about how you feel and how do you want it. If you are telling a friend to convey your message is unethical. Try to face him and tell him that you can’t be with him. If you are in the middle of the date and you leave by saying you need to use the restroom and then never returning is a bad move. Try to tell him. in the end, it is about both of you.

Do Not Lead Him On

If you have decided to not go for another date with the same guy, tell him right away. Don’t make in lure in the middle. Excuses like, we will see or the excuses about being busy will only make it worse. If he is someone you know through friends, you will have to meet eventually. It is unavoidable. To avoid future embarrassment, it is good to tell him and not make excuses.

Also, you can build a friendly relation after all of this is over, but make sure you don’t give him any wrong signal. It will only mislead him. Try to make things clear on both sides.

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Happy dating!

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