How to Land a Second Date

Had you ever gone for the first date? Did it go well? Were you both comfortable with each other?

These are a few questions you should ask yourself before asking for a second date. If you think your first date went well now you are looking forward to the next date. But do you know all about how to land a second date?

There are a few things that are needed on the first date. Notice if you two are comfortable with each other and feel like talking more and more. Was he respecting you? Did you feel protected with him? and if you are a guy, remember to make her feel wanted and respect her.

If you make her feel protected and loved, these are the clear signs that she will surely want to have a second date with you. If you portray your best self in front of her, she will be able to trust you and would want to spend some time with you. if you are caring, funny and loving, these are clear signs that you might get a yes for your second date.

Now that you are done with the first date, and you are already missing her, and you want to meet her again, ask for a second date. But you might not feel like asking her very quickly, here are a few dating tips of how to land for a second date.


You need to keep your expectations low. You are on the second date and it is a time when you need to give each other time and tell each other about yourselves. This is the time when you should not be too pretentious but be the best self.

If you keep your expectations a bit low, you will be able to look over some of the flaws. There are flaws in both of you and try not to be a perfectionist this time, try to be emphatic and loving.

Fun Factor

If you are on the first date, try not to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable and confident and try to make her feel comforted also. If you try to keep the energy up and keep her engaged if you comfort her so much, that she likes to tell more about her.

Try to keep the date not so formal but a casual in which you both can have fun and laugh.

Date Safe

The online dating trend has changed the whole persona of dating. While these dating apps are a source of introducing many people and making them a couple but in some cases, you might come across a cheater. If you are on a first date, you might look for the signs, and be sure that the other one is not a cheater. If not, you are good for the second date.

No Ex Talks

Try not to discuss the past girlfriends or the time you were cheated on. This can ruin the whole vibe of the date. Try to keep is light and interacting and stay away from talking about your exes. It may also ruin your mood and the other will to reach the same expectation you had from your exe.

Also, if the other one asks you about your past girlfriends, try not to change the topic. Tell her honestly and earnestly. The changing topic will eventually lead you to a cheater list which she will not want to date again.

Build trust and tell her if she wants to know. Tell her you are completely over the past relation and there is no grief of the feeling of revenge.

Speak Less and Listen More

Try not to cut her. Let her talk and tell you all she wants to talk about. Listen to her when she tells you how she feels and what are her insecurities. Try to comfort her and tell her that you are fine with her and she is amazing. If she is afraid and fearful, try to bring that fear out and talk to her, that you will be with her in that. Give her energy to fight for herself and from her fears.

If she finds the best person in you, to whom she can tell everything, she will surely wait impatiently for you to ask her for a second date.

Also, do not judge her, for who she is and what she has. She might get insecure and will not like it. Be her friend whom she wants and tell her every little detail about the day.

Don’t be so dominant, to tell her all you wanted and expected. Try to speak a little less and give her space to speak and express. This way you will see her real personality and you will be a little clearer about the second date.

Be on Time

Don’t make her wait. Try to be on time and wait for her instead. Being late will show your lack of interest for her. You need to make this time boundary your thing. Try to be there before her and make sure everything is perfect. If you are on time it will create a great impression on her, and this quality of your will surely impress her. Punctuality is no doubt sexy.

Be Yourself

Try to be yourself and don’t pretend. She will immediately guess when you are pretending and when not. Try to be the best self and bring out all the good traits of you. But most importantly be honest about who you are and what you want.

This honesty will surely win her, and she will like it a lot. Your honesty will also let her trust you even more.

Also, somethings are non-negotiables. Try to set your boundaries and show a strong character when it comes to those this which you cannot negotiate. This is not about just dating a girl, it is more about finding the person you can spend your life with.

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