How to Let Your Date Know Their Breath Smells Foul

Dates are all dreamy and nice until you deal with a bad situation of bad breath and foul odor. If you are on a date and you notice that the other person has foul breath it gets difficult for you to focus and stay in the conversation any longer. The first thought in your mind is to escape or to tell them about the bad breath. But you don’t want to sound rude or mean.

The person with you on a date will create an image of you that is not you but because of the foul breath, she will not want to land in for a second date. If your partner has bad breath and you want him to know there are a few ways through with you will not sound rude and he will know about the bad breath. This will be less of the embarrassing situation.

We all know bad breath in date can be a big disappointment and it becomes difficult for you to tell the other one about their foul breath. You might have had a great time with the person and you wanted to have more dates, but this bad breath distraction can ruin it for you.

But you don’t need to worry. If you notice bad breath on a date, you can still tell them and not sound impolite. Here are the ways how you let your date know about his bad breath.

The following dating tips for men and for women to let the other know about their foul breath can save you from a bad experience at date and awkwardness.

Tell Him Indirectly

One of the musts to have on a date is a mint. It can be for you and while having one you can offer him one too. This way you can avoid the awkwardness and it will not be impolite for him. You can also talk to him indirectly about the hygiene and tell him how important it is.

These hints will be enough for him to know that something is wrong. This way you can get away with the situation with having to deal with the situation and awkward silences.

This tip to get rid of bad breath works best when in need. And this is the easiest and doable.


All you can do is to talk about him directly but don’t be to straight forward. You need to be emphatic in this case. You can start with yourself say that all of us have bad breath and continue it by saying that he should not be embarrassed about it. You can lead him in a way that he does not feel bad and it does not get uncomfortable for you and him. This might go wrong in many cases.

If your partner is self-conscious and sensitive, you have to choose the words and the way you say it very precisely and carefully. You cannot say it straight up. It will only land you in trouble. And if you like the person a lot and plan to spend some more time with him this approach might ruin it for both of you.

Talk About the Cause of It

You know that the bad breath was the reason for the dinner you had or some other reason. You can talk about the cause. It will make him easier for you to tell him and will not make the other one uncomfortable. You can point to a food item or the garlic in the food. Take him smoothly to the point where he realizes about the bad breath without you saying it yourself.  This might be a great dating tip for you.

There can be many causes of the bad breath, he might have smoked or the food you had or lack of hygiene. If you are with him in the morning, morning breath can be a reason too.


You can talk about the issue in your jokes. If you don’t make him anxious through your actions he will not be uncomfortable. What you can do it to crack some jokes or talk about the topic sarcastically. It with lighten the moment and won’t embarrass anyone.

One thing you need to be careful when cracking the jokes is to not sound mean. This might be an issue. And will make the other one very anxious of his presence and the rest you know where your date would end up. You can also talk about how to get rid of bad breath in a funny way.

There are certain things you need to be conscious about when you are on a date if to look for the words you choose and the tone of how you speak. It can make a great difference.

Offer Gum

This is another way of letting him know he has bad breath. If you don’t want to offer it directly you can leave a pack of gum on the table and leave him to himself for a few minutes. He will definitely get the hint this way. This way he will not be embarrassed and will not be anxious. Besides you will also not blame yourself for ruining the date later in case you would have said it. This way it gets easier and better.

Ask Someone to Tell Him

If you don’t want to embarrass him, ask a friend to tell him about the bad breath and how to get rid of bad breath. It will make it a little more comforting for him to hear it from a friend. This way he will not have the anxiety and the bad feeling of letting down in front of you.

These are some dating tips for men and women if you encounter a bad breath on a date. They will help you get out of the situation and make your date a nice moment.

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