20 Myths About Dating: Busted

Dating is for everyone because it comes naturally to some people because of their personality why to some people it is very difficult because they are shy.

A lot of people have been skeptical about dating and online dating. Despite the fact that people have met their partner through dates and online dating, some people still have a negative connotation to online dating.

Irrespective of the reason, the culture is yet to see online dating as a respected way to meet your future partner. So whenever people see or hear that two partners meet online or start dating, people tend to question the validity of the relationship.

Lots of people have believed in the myths that dating and online dating doesn’t work because of the lies that people that want to date always want sex.

Anyways if you find this skeptical, you need to consider the following myths about online dating.

Myth 1: Meeting a partner online isn’t safe

Whenever people hear the word dating or online dating, the first thing they think of is the catfish show or craigslist killer. They have been lots of horrible news that dating and online dating is a bad idea.

To ensure safety, make use of online dating sites like www.brickhousedating.com.

Myth2: People don’t put their real profile online

Meeting their people online isn’t safe because everyone lies about their profile online. It might be true that people lie on their profile but what they exaggerate are things that don’t really count (Height, income, physical build, etc.).

Whether offline or online, people might lie about their profile. 

Myth 3: Most people who want date are just looking for hook-ups

This myth is as a result of the fact that dating makes it easy and the chance of meeting someone you might have a committed relationship with is slim.

Myth 4: Dating isn’t for my age (I am too young or old)

This myth is not true. Nobody will dispute the fact that your age might impact your match but that doesn’t mean you are too young or too old. If you meet an older partner, you will meet someone with experience and if you meet a partner that is younger, you will have someone you can trust.

Myth 5: People that go on date and people that meet their partner online are desperate

This is one of the myths that need to be debunked. You might be skeptical about dating or online dating, but truth be told you don’t need to judge because you haven’t tried.

Myth 6:  men are not always cool when women ask for a date

Most of the date is always initiated by women and they believe men are not always convenient with it. This is not true because men also need a date to cool off themselves. Men are always comfortable when women ask them out.

Myth 7: You can get over a breakup when you keep journaling your thoughts

This is very wrong because a tear-stained notebook isn’t the solution to getting over your ex. writing about your thoughts that surrounds your breakup gives you a very bad feeling.

Myth 8: People are not always straightforward when they have feelings

Everyone that wants a dating partner must be matured. Playing hard to get might make you lose a partner. Almost everyone that wants to go on a date will be enticed and they will always want to share express their feelings.

Myth 9: You must know everything about your partner during the course of a relationship

After meeting your partner on an online dating site or offline doesn’t mean you will know every detail about your partner. You might feel you know them but you don’t know them as much as you think.

Myth 10: Men are less romantic than women

Generally, people always believe women are more romantic than men because they confess their real love first. The truth is that men are more likely to love first compared to women which makes them more romantic.

Myth 11: Nice guys are the best

Don’t be deceived by this statement. Nice guys might have the edge but if you want a serious relationship, be ready to give any guy (whether a nice guy or not) a try.

Myth 12: It’s always ideal to take some time before responding to your crush’s text

People will always tell you that you don’t need to be too eager to respond to your crush’s text. That’s not true because you might lose your crush if you fail to respond immediately you get the message.

Myth 13: Misunderstanding means your relationship is heading in the right direction

You can’t deny the fact that misunderstanding will happen in relationships. But you don’t need to always have misunderstanding before you know your relationship is heading in the right direction.

Myth 14: Online dating means you are choosing a sex partner

People always believe that dating means having sex. The truth is that online dating means having a dating partner and it doesn’t mean you are having a sex partner. There are websites where you can meet sex partner but websites like www.brickhousedating.com are for dating partners.

Myth 15: Sex is always casual in online dating

After meeting up with your date, sex is always causal and there are no strings attached. The truth is that sex isn’t casual when dating. Only people that don’t have purpose believe sex is casual.

Myth 16: People aren’t bothered about relationships

It is an undisputed fact that relationship takes effort. But at the same time, online dating partners are more committed to their relationship because they are open about what they want in a relationship.

Myth 17: People are very busy and they don’t consider going on dates

There is no explanation on this because it is not true. People might tweet or post stuff online that going on date isn’t an option. But in real life, they actually love going on dates. Life on social media is different from the real world.

Myth 18: Most dates don’t lead to marriage

This depends on the angle you are seeing it from. Some people are interested in marriage but they just want to wait a little bit longer before they get married. Your level of patience and understanding will determine your view about dating.

Myth 19: Online dating ends on the internet

Don’t ever jump into conclusion if you haven’t tried it before. If you have tried it before, have you tried it on the right platform? Dating sites like www.brickhousedating.com will help you get the right partner that won’t end online.

Myth 20: Every guy/ lady are the same

If you believe you are different from others, then they are lot of different people out there.

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