5 Real Life Lessons About Women

Love is not enough

You can love a woman and the woman will love you in return but she might not consider you the right option because you don’t have the values she wants after you leave the dating stage. This sucks than anything but it is one of the real-life lessons you need to learn about women. The reason why women do this is that they want to save themselves the pain of not enjoying their life after dating. It is also advisable you save yourself the pain of having heartbreak in the future.

Don’t compete with anyone for a woman

The first thing you need to understand is that women get tired when they know you are in real competition with another man for their love. It creates a mixed feeling (they think you don’t love them in the real sense and you are only trying to compete to show your strength). It is always advisable you just make moves that will make the woman happy and don’t think about doing better than any other man. You might even get exhausted in the long run.

You might need to fake it until it happens

To get to certain points, your intrinsic characters might not take you there and to make a woman love you, your moves might not win her heart. Just try to be at your best (even if that is not your natural state) to make everything work. The sad truth is that after everything works, you will eventually find out that you could do those things you have been faking forever.

People will tell you that you need to be real to get women that will love you but in real life, you need to fake some things to make it happen.

Just 24 hours can change things

Women are open and forgiving. Don’t ever believe you need the whole year to win a woman, change a woman or reignite the love you have for a woman. The same way whatever is making you unhappy could change in less than a minute, a woman decision can also change within less than 24 hours. Don’t ever hold on to the fact that you need to go on multiple dates, dinner or go on multiple strolls to change things.

Women are humans and can also have a change in mindset life every human being does.

Don’t forget to laugh

This sounds little right? Yes, it sounds little but it is one of the real-life lessons about women. It is generally assumed that women love men that are cool (authoritative men that smile). This assumption is not 100% because women also love men that can lighten up their mood whenever things are not in the right way.

Sometimes you have a boring day or you are very weak that smiling can become very difficult not to talk of laughing. If your woman manages to make a funny statement, don’t forget to laugh because little things count to women.

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