7 Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Women

Why are women haircut so expensive?

This is one of the most controversial questions asked about women. When you walk into the salon to check out for the price list, you realize men haircut cost less than a female haircut.

Here are some of the reasons:

  • Women hair cost more because it takes more time and you need to use more materials and products.
  • Women have a high level of satisfaction than men and they are always willing to pay more than men.
  • Women haircut is more complex and requires experience than men cut. (This means for women cut, they are being charged for the time, the complexity of the job and for length).

Why do women wear makeup?

People view women that wear makeup from two different angles: the ones that wear it to look professional and the women that wear it to boost their appearance. Irrespective of the perspective, here are the reasons why women wear makeup:

  • Women wear makeup just to make themselves happy. Women wear makeup for themselves.
  • Makeup corrects what women find difficult to correct. Some women have horrible eye circles, some don’t have attractive eyebrows, etc. With the help of the concealer and eyeliner, these flaws can be concealed.
  • Women wear makeup to be more expressive. With the way a woman wears her makeup, you can always tell the kind of person she is. In short, makeup says things about women they usually would not say on their own.
  • Makeup is an art and it makes ladies feel more artistic.

Why do women often go to the bathroom with each other?

Women’s bathroom is a more social place for them, unlike the other counterpart. This is because men go into the toilet to pee or poo only. However, a woman can go into the toilet for different reasons (a woman can go into the toilet to wear makeup, change their baby, take their kids to the toilet, nurse newborns, etc.). This is why they go with their friends so they can have someone to keep them company.

Another reason is that women always prefer to stick with their friend or companionship to make them feel more confident and less conscious.

Why do women wear thongs?

Every woman knows what thongs are. They are designed in such a way that they leave the butt more or less uncovered. They have a sort of bikini style. The major reasons why women wear thing include:

  • To avoid visible panty lines (VPL) most especially when they wear clothes that are tight fitting.
  • Some women find it very comfortable because of the texture and because it’s trendy.
  • They prefer to wear it to bed so their partner can have something to take off.

What do women want in bed?

Irrespective of your perception about sex, it’s impossible to hide the fact that it is tricky. If you are cool having sexual communication, you are lucky. But if otherwise, you might struggle to know what women want in bed. Here are some of the major things women want in bed:

  • Eye contact
  • Get Kinky to make the sex a little bit edgier
  • Play with the clit
  • Be more vocal
  • Spontaneity
  • The right rhythm
  • Paying attention
  • Asking questions about her bedroom mode
  • Foreplay

What do women want in a relationship?

Most men find it difficult to penetrate their women fully because they aren’t giving women what they need. Here are the right tips on what women really want in a relationship:

  • They want to feel loved: This makes them relaxed and open.
  • They want to feel safe: Every woman wants to trust a man strength and have the feeling that you can handle anything she shows you. This makes them trust their partner.
  • They want to feel sexually desired
  • They want to feel seen: Women want men to stay conscious of their emotional state
  • Women want to be nurtured: the same way men need to protect, women want to be nurtured.
  • They want to be appreciated

Do women like beards?

It depends on the woman’s preference.

  • Those that like beards like it because it gives men masculine maturity and makes a man look sexier. 
  • On the other hand, those that don’t like beards because it might be scratchy and can turn them off.

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