Don’t Make These Silly Mistakes With Your Women

Women are one of the most difficult creatures to deal with because satisfying them is very difficult. Despite being difficult to deal with, there are some silly mistakes women might not forgive you for. Do you want to know the silly mistakes you shouldn’t make with your woman? If yes, you need to read this article till the end.

1. Trying to buy her love

Nobody will dispute the fact that women love gift. Buying her flowers or present doesn’t mean you are trying to buy her love. You are trying to buy her love if the only thing you can offer is buying her flowers and present.

2. Trying to force love

Don’t ever try to impress a woman by showering praises. If you keep doing so, she will see you like a desperate and sad person. Always remember life is a two-way channel, its either you click or you don’t. Nobody needs to tell you if a lady likes you, so don’t waste your time trying too hard.

3. Saying too much within a short period of time

Another silly mistake you shouldn’t make with your woman is saying too much too soon. Don’t be in a rush to tell her “I love you”. (You just started dating for a week and you are telling her “she is the reason why you are alive”). Saying too much will definitely scare her off.

4. Saying too much about your past

Women are not interested in the details about your past relationship. Let her know you as you grow together. Don’t tell women why your past relationship has failed, she will definitely run for the hills. Well, it’s also cool you tell her from the onset so she can leave if she wants to.

5. Waiting for women approval

Don’t expect answers for questions like “can I kiss you”. You don’t need to get a response. You are a man and you will know if she is ready to kiss you. If you know she is ready, don’t wait for her permission before going in.

6. Being too nice

Women walk over men that are too nice. It’s important you take good care of her but do ensure you take very good care of yourself. Don’t always say yes, sometimes you need to say no to make the relationship fair.

7. Finding it hard to pick up hints

One of the silly mistakes you shouldn’t make with your woman is not picking up hints. Always listen attentively and look for clues to know the next move she wants to take. If you can pick up hints, you will know if you are in the friend zone or if you are in the relationship zone.

8. Blaming everyone

Women don’t find it cool when you blame everyone for everything, “She is a hoe”, “she was crazy” etc. She wasn’t crazy neither was she a hoe. You made her crazy. Your exes might have had faults but it’s important you recognize your own faults too. Blame yourself too.

9. Putting yourself in a friend zone

If you want to be mere friends, that’s fine. But be ready to stay in the friend zone forever. Once you befriend her, she wonders what you want from her. If you fail to make the move, she will realize you just want to be friends. She gives up and moves on.

It is always advisable you make her know what you are looking for from the first day.

10. Trying to make love every time every day

Don’t ever think to make love 24/7 will make her happy. Have fun and crack jokes that will make her happy. Women find it silly when men want to have sex 24/7.

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