10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Women

People are of the belief that it’s better to live your life without a woman than to have a woman. The common reasons why people believe they don’t need women is because they enjoy living the free lifestyle and they don’t want to have someone that will restrict their lifestyle.

Nevertheless, living without women means you are missing a lot because women are the salt of the world and doing without them isn’t possible.

This article will explain 10 compelling reasons why you need women.

1. You need women to have morals

One of the ways to be a moral person is to have a woman. Despite the fact that having a woman comes with a lot of challenges, and problems, you always want to overcome them and thus allowing you become stronger in morality.

2. You need women to make more money

The general belief is that living without having a woman in your life makes you have more money. Truth be told, having a woman is more likely to make you earn more than being without a woman. This is because a woman will motivate you to get better jobs and also support you until you make more money.

3. You need women to have emotional support

When you don’t have a woman, when you are faced with life difficulties, you will have to turn to friends that might not be available to offer the emotional support needed. Women are always amazing when it comes to offering emotional support. They turn listening ears and help you reduce your burden.

4. You need women to become selfless

Having a woman means you are committed and dedicated. The more you spend time with women, the more understand that you need to live for someone other than yourself. Being selfless makes you grow better.

5. You need women for personal growth

 Everyone that wants to grow personally will have a woman. This is because having a woman is a different world entirely. You learn life lessons that will make you grow as an individual. Holistically, women make you become better and you gain more knowledge about life.

6. You need women to experience true love

When you meet someone, you might fall in love with the person but the person might not reciprocate the love. If you have a woman, the love will be reciprocated which symbolize true love. The feeling of having true love is always amazing and true love makes you become selfless.

7. You need women to learn how to respect people

There are many things that having a woman reveals. Having friends might not help you revel them. One of the things having a woman will help you reveal is how to respect people because respect comes before love. Once you can respect your woman, you will respect every woman.

8. You need women to be happy

To determine whether people that have women are happy or not is very difficult. Nevertheless, research and studies carried out have shown that people that have women are happier than people without women.

9. You need women to take more challenges

The general belief is that having a woman will trap your life and make you live a limited life. The reverse is the case because women will encourage you to dare and take up new challenges you won’t think of taking if you don’t have a woman.

10. You need women to become more confident

The process of becoming more confident starts from the moment you approach the women or send a message on an online dating site. The confidence grows with time because your women will encourage you and provide an environment for growing your self-esteem and confidence.

Bonus: Other compelling reasons why you need women include:

  • To live longer
  • To have a healthier mind
  • To have a higher chance of affluence etc. 

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