10 Resources That’ll Make You A Better Man

Women make a larger percentage of the world population. They are women who have elevated from zero to hero with their men because of some of the resources that will be explained in this article. Rome wasn’t built in a day but Rome was built as a result of consistent effort and the use of perfect resources.

To achieve the result of being better at you men, the quest for self-discovery and self-love will help. Here are few resources to make women better at men.

Before going into the body of the article, it is important to add that resources don’t have to be materials. Resources also include actions and strategies that can be used to change the adverse circumstances.

1. Self-Love

This is the first and most important resources to make you a better man, Self-love is different from being selfish. It’s actually pouring yourself with love so you can love someone else.

Once you love yourself, you will understand how to love and care for other people (most especially your man) selflessly without expecting anything in return. Being selfless makes you a better person to your man and everyone.

2. Knowing your worth

To see a better version of yourself, knowing your self-worth is important. Knowing your self-worth gives you an idea of how you need to be treated by everyone. If you know your self-worth, you will be able to sense when they are trying to exploit or take advantage of you.

If you know your worth, you will able to let our man know your self-worth. Once he knows your self-worth, he will respect you and you will definitely reciprocate the love too.

3. Seeing the value in your relationship

If you value the relationship with your man, it makes him care more and treat you with love. Appreciate every little thing he does and be grateful for his presence in your life. You also need to understand how to interact meaningfully with your man to show how you appreciate his efforts. Doing this makes the man feels his existence.

4. Staying focused and committed

If you want to become better at men, then you need to value your thoughts more than the advice anyone can give you. Know what you are capable of and don’t allow people to pull you down.

If being focused and committed isn’t harming anyone, carry on and see how your man will appreciate you more. Staying focused and committed will make you better to your man.

5. Be expressive

Try to be who you are to become better. Nobody has ever grown trying to become like someone else. Let your uniqueness be felt in your expression.

6. Don’t try to be in control

If you want to become better at your men, you need to give him the freedom he needs. Don’t always claim you want to be in control. Trying to be in control makes the man feel he doesn’t have the authority or a say in his relationship. Men sometimes like making independent decisions, so ensure you give him the space he needs to make decisions on his own without trying to disrupt it with your own plans.

7. Be supportive

Another important resource needed to be better at your man is the ability to support him. Everyone will always like to have someone that we need to lean on. One of the few ways you can become better is to make yourself readily available when he needs your support. Don’t let him talk about his problems, try to study him and know when he is not in his best state and try to be helpful.

8. Allow him to have time with his friends

To make this more precise, allow your man to have time with his friends without you. This is what most women won’t allow because they think it has no good. Wanting to be with your man every time shows a lack of trust. You also need to remember your man has been with his friends before meeting you and choosing them to be in his life isn’t a mistake.

Make him enjoy the freedom and make him feel alive and you will surely get the love you deserve in return.

9. Always compliment the things he does

To become better at men, you need to compliment what he does. This is because complimenting what he does helps him improve his self-confidence. Verbalize your admiration at the slightest thing he does, he will love you more and become more confident in doing other things.

10. Be humble

Nothing beats humility when trying to become a better person. Remember pride kills, so ensure your level of humility is at the best. Being humble will make you better to yourself, your man and everyone.

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