10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Women

Men have been coexisting with women for thousands of years and yet they still don’t know a lot about women. Women expect men to respond to physical attractions and body languages but men can never change, they don’t ask questions.

There are hundreds if not thousands of things most people don’t know about women and men simply don’t want to know. Let’s take the stress of asking the question off you by sharing with you 10 things you didn’t know about women.

1. Women secretly keep tabs on their exes

Women will always come out to tell you they are over their ex-boyfriend. The statement is only 50% true because it’s only the relationship that’s away, women still want to know what he is doing and how he is doing it. They covertly check their exes’ social media pages and go as far as asking for gossips from friends.

2. Most women are not gold diggers

There is a myth that assets and income come first on the list of every woman. The truth is that most women are not gold diggers. Women apparently want a motivated, strong, hardworking and emotional man.

3. Women prefer it rough

The statement “women prefer it rough” doesn’t mean physical abuse. It means women prefer a little forceful romance and sex. This is because the dopamine receptor in women is fired up when unpredicted stimuli.

4. They want men to notice every single thing

Men are funny because they only notice changes that are more obvious. They notice when she goes for a new haircut, wears an expensive coat and lots more but they fail to notice little things like women fresh pedicure, subtle highlights or a new purse. Women don’t like it when you don’t notice little things.

5. Women watch a lot of porn

It’s an undisputed fact that most men like to watch porn and there are women that watch too. The amazing part is that women make 1 of every three porn viewers. The only difference is that while men don’t care about the story-line nor foreplay, women care.

6. People don’t have an idea of what the women period is like

An average woman will spend 4 years of her entire life with period and yet men still don’t know what it is like. It might be difficult for men to know because they cannot experience it but they can notice mood swings and discomforts.

7. Women don’t like silence

You will appreciate silence if you have ever been in a relationship. One of the ten thing people don’t know about women is that women are always uncomfortable with silence or silent treatment.

8. Women will prefer to pick from your plate than to order their own plate

If you have ever gone out with a woman, you won’t be amazed to see this. A woman will tell you she wants salad because of her weight but once you receive your own plate of fries, she starts picking your fries.

9. Women want their partner’s male friend to see them as being attractive

If you and your woman have ever prepared for a party at a friend’s place, the sexy dresses, hair, makeup and time she spends to get herself dressed is not only to look great for their man, they also want to look attractive to their partner’s male friends.

10. Women pee in the shower

Studies have shown that about 80% of women pee in the shower. They see it as a sign of good health because squatting to pee helps them work out the pelvic muscles.

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