13 Things About Dating You May Not Have Known

When you think about dating, you picture yourself holding the hand of your partner during a walk, driving off into the sunset together. You might even have a list of things you will want to enjoy when you have a partner.

However, despite the fact you think you know a lot about dating because you have been in a relationship for long, there are some things you still don’t know about dating.

Dating is exciting and the color seems bright but when you don’t know some things about dating, the bright color might turn dark.

1. The relationship you see as perfect might not lead to marriage

The biggest expectation when you have a dating partner is marriage but this expectation isn’t easily met. This is why it is advisable to enter with expectations of growing, learning and changing.

The truth about dating is that: the only way you can avoid breakup is to get married. It sounds pessimistic, right? Yes, it does but it is good you always marry the person you have a perfect relationship with if you don’t want a breakup.

2. Dating cannot lead you to happiness

It’s an undisputed fact that relationships are hard. Sometimes, when facing the bad part, you wonder if it is really worth it.

On the other hand, dating can be so much fun that you guys get it right together. The best tip is to date because you want to change and grow. If you date because you want to find happiness, you might not get it.

3. Don’t date someone you can’t make friend with

Don’t ever date someone because you guys are the perfect match on paper or because you believe the person looks perfect. If you don’t make each other laugh or have fun when with each other, then there is no reason why you should date such person.

4. Sharing too much too soon can destroy your dating life

You might end up learning this the hard way if you share the truth too soon. The truth is that sharing too much too soon doesn’t work. So it’s best you take your time before sharing some details or information.

5. Always talk about your ex with dignity

Don’t say bad things about your ex because you have parted ways. Always remember your ex might not be the one for you but they are the one for someone else.

6. Be okay on your own

This is the hardest thing people don’t know about dating. If you aren’t okay on your own, then you are parasitic. Don’t date because you are lonely, you will remain lonely even after you are engaged if you want to be lonely.

7. Give your best while dating, don’t wait until you are married

Our religion and culture have elevated marriage as the highest goal in life and treating singles or people dating as second class citizens. In a real sense, marriage isn’t the highest goal in life. If you find it difficult to get it right while dating, you might not get it right when you are married.

8. Grace also works

It is important to add that grace is never insufficient and you can always experience it from any angle. With grace and mercy, you can get yourself the right partner. You don’t need to judge yourself for your imperfections or see yourself as a failure because other dates didn’t work.

9. Don’t analyze your relationship

Sure you are seeing this for this first time? There is no need to analyze your relationship because it doesn’t have a metric. Perfect to you about the relationship might not be perfect for everyone. Have the mindset that dating allows you to grow and become better.

10. Don’t expect things to click right away

Just because you found a dating partner on www.brickhousedating.com doesn’t mean you will become comfortable with the relationship. Everyone wants to go from the Hi level to reading together, cooking together because you are comfortable. The sad truth is that it doesn’t work that way. You need to appreciate every stage of the relationship to get to that point.

11. You are vulnerable to heartbreak

In life, closeness comes with its own risks. If you want to go into a relationship, be ready to bare the little pieces when you experience heartbreak. Once you are ready, put yourself out there by trying dating apps or sites like www.brickhousedating.com.

12. Senior daters don’t say the word “I love you” as fast as the millennial’s

It takes longer for senior daters to say the word I love you compared to the younger daters. This is because senior daters always want to be sure the relationship is secured before they say the word I love you. They are also aware of the truth more than the younger daters.

13. Most dating profile pictures are not picked by the real person

Dating profile pictures gives the first impression. Just bear in mind that most dating profile picture isn’t the person personal choice, its most time a friend choice.

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