20 Fun Facts About Men

  1. Between 18 years and 50 years, men spend more than 40 minutes a day staring at women which means, men spend almost a year of their life staring at women.
  2. Men keep their thumbs on their belt, they are only trying to attract the attention of a girl. The pose looks involuntary but it is in the real sense aimed at showing the lady how courageous he is.
  3. Men are more pleased when they get compliments from other men than when they get a compliment from other sex.
  4. An average man tells lies to his colleague, partner or boss about 6 times per day which is two times the number of lies an average women tell.
  5. Friendship among men is not based on emotion or support, it is rather based on common interest.
  6. Another strange fact is that men eat two times more when they have lunch or dinner with women.
  7. Men preference in clothes changes the more they grow. Men prefer to wear loose clothes the older they grow.
  8. The higher the level of intelligence, the healthier the lifestyle. A man with a high IQ will not abuse alcohol while a man with a low IQ will abuse alcohol. (Some men abuse alcohol because of emotional problems).
  9. Men prefer women with a healthy weight. Men are not always attracted to the exclusive model appearance.
  10. Women squat to pick an object that falls while men bend to pick objects because their clothes are more comfortable compared to women.
  11. Men dream more about disasters like earthquakes, floods, health issues, personal threat, and death.
  12. Thousands of gallons of fuels are wasted yearly by men driving around because they don’t want to ask for directions.
  13. Men walk 7% slower when accompanying the other sex while they speed up when accompanying or walking with other men.
  14. American men have a 50% likelihood of getting cancer including breast cancer.
  15. When women have babies they lactate naturally but men also lactate under certain conditions or circumstance.
  16. The heat generated from the laptop when placed on the lap can cause infertility. Don’t keep your laptops on your lap if you want to have kids and don’t allow you men do.
  17. Men don’t fart more than women. As a matter of fact, both men and women pass out the same amount of gas daily.
  18. Shaving is one of the most important skills men have. An average gentleman spends about 6 months of his entire life shaving.
  19. Men are more emotional and easily filled with the rapture of romance. They are likely to say I love you fist when they are in a relationship.
  20. Bald men perceive themselves to be stronger and taller than men that keep hair.

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