30 Quotes About Dating

We all know dating can often be frustrating most especially if the person you love doesn’t understand you.

Here are 30 inspirational quotes written by www.brickhousedating.com about dating that will lift and make you love dating.

  1. Don’t date someone who is very confident he/she deserves you, date someone who feels lucky to have you.
  2. Time isn’t a measure of love, you might start dating 3 days after meeting and you might not date for 3 years after meeting. Dating is about feeling and not time.
  3. Always allow your partner to feel your presence so they can always feel your absence
  4. Dating is not easy, it’s hard and requires a lot of sacrifices. You will only have it easy when you are dating the wrong person.
  5. If you want to enjoy dating, date someone who loves you for who you are and not what you have.
  6. If you are gotten, you have the greatest feeling and you have someone that will always show up when it is rough.
  7. It’s always good that every girl has a prince and every boy has a princess.
  8. Sometimes all you need to get the perfect match is just one word “Hello”. Don’t hesitate, shoot your shot.
  9. Every corner you find yourself you find the chance of finding yourself love even Online.
  10. What makes dating unique is that thousands of people will cross your path but love will allow you to pick just one as your partner.
  11. The major pillar of dating is trying to avoid saying you are sorry and never getting tired of saying you are sorry.
  12. The only chance you have for happiness is to date the person you love
  13. Dating sound stupid right? But if you aren’t ready to sound stupid, you aren’t ready to love.
  14. Dating starts from the inside and not the outside. If it starts from the outside, you are yet to get a dating partner.
  15. Don’t date so your partner can like you, date so your partner can know you better.
  16. Dating gives the freedom and fulfillment you need to create an amazing life.
  17. You can’t grow if you are not selfless, you can’t become selfless if you aren’t dating.
  18. If you want to radiate the light you have, take the bold step to have a partner because a single voice might not be heard but when two people say the same thing, it is better understood.
  19. The moment you start focusing on becoming the best you can be, the person that loves you at that moment is worth being your partner.
  20. Be the manager of your life, date the right person when you want to and meet where you want.
  21. If you love yourself, dating is always ten times easier than it seems
  22. You will attract the right partner when you are the best version of yourself
  23. The things that make you special are what makes you different. One of them is loving your partner as no one else does.
  24. Make a choice to date even after heartbreaks, if you could give high school exam a second chance, dating is also worth giving a second chance.
  25. The Number one tip every dating site will not share with you is that you need to love yourself first
  26. No matter how you feel about dating, quitting mustn’t be an option.
  27. There is no hard fast rule to dating, just follow your feelings about the relationship
  28. If you fail to show how you feel, then don’t expect to enjoy dating. Dating is about how you feel
  29. When you make mistakes in dating, don’t back off, learn from them and become better
  30. Don’t ever seek dating advice from someone who has been in a relationship, seek advice from someone that has failed to date or succeeded dating.

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