7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With Men

You are here because you want to know 7 horrible mistakes that you are making with men. Have you had something with a man and all of a sudden he disappeared on you? If yes, then you must have asked yourself what happened and why it happened.

There is no need to rack your brain because this article will tell you the 7 horrible mistakes you must have been making.

Mistake 1: You are analyzing every action he takes or every word he utters.

Women are always tempted to ask their men questions to know how he feels about them. If you love him, it’s advisable not to ask him how he feels about you. The best step you can take is to watch him whenever you are with him so you can figure out how he feels about you.

This is because over-analyzing every word or action creates a dynamic that makes you feel bad for him and any wrong word or wrong move could disappoint you in poison your mood.

If your mood is poisoned, you won’t feel good about him, neither will he feel the same. Once he doesn’t feel good to be around you, he will walk away.

Mistake 2: You are giving room for negativity

Being positive at all time is not possible because they are sometimes you are going to be in a bad mood. When with a man, your mood determines how he feels when he is around you which will determine if he will be spending more time with you.

It’s natural that we spend more time with someone that makes us feel good. Try to be in the best mood when you are with your man to avoid losing him.

Mistake 3: Making men the center of your emotional life

Relying on men for emotional support makes sense but relying too much on men can be disastrous. The same way you can be in a bad mood, he can also be in a bad mood and if he doesn’t give you the emotional support when you need, you won’t be happy.

Remember it was stated earlier that negativity pushes you away from a man and vice versa.

Mistake 4: Bringing in drama

Men don’t like it complicated. This is why you shouldn’t being in any drama into the relationship. You might be tempted to do so because it is fun but try to avoid temptation because men get turned off by unnecessary drama.

Try to avoid drama or unnecessary games because it pushes them away.

Mistake 5: Expecting men to read your mind

This ought to be Number one on the list because it is a very horrible mistake. Men shut down with women that expect them to know what’s upsetting them without telling them.

If you are upfront and honest with your men, he feels refreshed and he will be interested in solving your problems. Making him guess, makes him move away rather than moving away from you.

Mistake 6: Creating a goal of making him committed

Creating a goal that you want to get a man committed doesn’t work with men. If you want to make a man committed, spend time with him. Spending time together and being in the best mood allows him to enjoy every moment.

Making a goal consciously or unconsciously makes you more serious in the relationship and being too serious allows you to notice every mistake.

Mistake 7: Judging a man or trying to change a man

A great relationship is about compatibility. Compatibility means you need to like your man for who he is. When you judge him or shame him, you are trying to shove him away from you especially if he is genuine at the moment.

In conclusion, the same things that work for a man work for women too. Men also make these horrible mistakes too.

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