How Technology Is Changing How We Treat Dating

The way we connect and converse has experienced change due to the adoption of technology. The change in how we connect in society and how we treat dating has also been affected by technology.

The use of social media makes people know us before meeting us, the internet allows people explore options and know more about how to have a better relationship, dating apps gives the abundance of choice to choose your suitable partner and the use of smartphones makes us easily contactable.

This article will explain how technology has changed the way we date and how we treat dating.

Technology has affected how we meet our partners and how we are likely to treat them

Technology has influenced how we meet our partners. Gone are the days when people go on blind dates. Why go on a blind date when you can make use of social media to get a wealth of information about anyone you want with just a click. How and where people meet partner are now changing.

In the past, to meet dating partners is resigned to workplace, parties or through friends

Technology has affected our choice

The arrival of the internet and technology brought about the development of dating websites and dating apps. These dating websites like or apps like Tinder allows you to search and meet with single people with a profile that suits you.

The way we treat dating is being influenced by technology because people are more optimistic about using dating sites or apps. Dating sites also gives you different choice to pick from. This means, if one person doesn’t like you, you move on to another person.

Additionally, there is no fear of failing to have a partner. If you get rejected twice by the opposite sex in real life, you might get ten more rejections before you get accepted but with the help of technology, for every two rejections you get, expect to get a match.

The bottom line is that technology allows interaction with lots of people simultaneously and this has helps strengthened the value you have for yourself.

Technology allows us to treat dating as something very important because of the convenience

Technology has changed the dating game

The nature of the dating game since the influx of technology is unique because our minds tend to be more attached to our relationship. Whenever we receive a notification, we rush down to our smartphone with a little buzz of excitement. The randomness of the notifications we receive help to spike the dopamine (the hormone that allows the brain to feel good) level in the body. 

The random notifications we receive tend to get us glued to the relationship more than the traditional way. This is because the notifications make you have your partner in mind.

This means the notifications are not only driving your attention towards your partner, but it is also making you get addicted to the relationship.

Technology allows us to treat dating as something very important because of the convenience

The convenience and time saved when searching for a potential partner online make gives dating a sort of amazing experience.    A very good example is trying to eliminate people so you can stick to a partner. Doing the face to face elimination is difficult, time and money consuming but the internet allows you to get a clear winner at the comfort of your home.

On the other hand, meeting someone fact-to face gives a unique experience but technology has taken that away. We only meet for important dates which weakens the connection in a relationship. In the real sense, we have lost the real connection because of convenience and because we want to save time and money. As a matter of fact, technology has made the world faster passed and all we want is to spend limited time to get someone.

Technology has allowed us to date more efficiently but has taken away our nature of meeting people.

In conclusion, we can’t dispute the fact that technology has dehumanized the whole notion of love and dating but the time saving and convenience it provides makes us choose technology over the traditional ways.

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