The Anatomy of a Great Women

If you have always been with great women, you will agree with the details that will be shared in this article. The feeling if being around a great woman is amazing because they make you feel you are on top of the world.


Great women are physically attractive because that’s what gives the first impression. Some might argue that physical attractiveness is subjective and it’s based on how the beholder sees it, but that doesn’t seem true because we all get attracted to physical characteristics. Being attractive is not limited to the face, it’s about the whole body.


The same way physical attractiveness takes one side of the coin, mental attractiveness (confidence) takes the other part. A great woman has confidence because it is one of the best traits every human must have.

Great women know what they are doing and why they are doing it without being concerned about how people think about it. It is also one of the reasons why great women have values.


Great women are feminine and will never try to act like a man. This means great women do less ball-busting remarks, less sarcasm. Great women won’t act like a man because being a woman is a gift from God and a counterbalance to men strong masculinity.


Intelligence is what people see in a woman that makes the man come back for more. It doesn’t have to be a Ph.D. in chemistry or Mathematics. Great women have a good grasp of practical and common sense of the book and the street. Great women are set apart from other people because of their level of Intelligence.


The anatomy of a great woman is incomplete if she isn’t matured. Maturity doesn’t have to with age, it is a trait of great women that comes via experience. Great women have tried and suffered for a cause and have something to show for it.


Unlike great men that are independent, great women are semi-independent. This is because being too independent as a woman can send men away and a great woman needs to have a great man by her side.

Great women are semi-independent because they have their goals and ambitions and they work to achieve them. The only reason why great women are semi-independent is because of their loyalty to their man.


A great woman will never run from one place to another neither will she run from one man to another. One of everyone’s favorite trait is loyalty and it’s one of the traits that make up a great woman.

Great women use their loyalty to look more attractive and sexy to their men because everyone wants to stand for something concrete. Great women are also loyal because it allows them to think logically and not with their whimsical emotions.


If there is something great women always pride themselves in, it is the ability to make a decision when faced with trivial choices. A woman cannot be considered as great if she cannot make trivial choices. Great women are risk takers who don’t complain when they don’t get favorable results.

Ability to keep relationships

Great women always have strong people around them (remember birds of the same feathers flock together): whether clique of female friends, best friend or a bunch of close friends. Having strong people around is why great women values relationships with everyone including her man.

Fun to be with

Being intelligent is one of the major traits of great women, but it doesn’t stop her from acting silly sometimes. Great women crack jokes, great women laugh, great women tease lightly and they make a great company.

Do you have the traits explained in this article? If yes, consider yourself a great woman.

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