10 Quick Tips About Men

Tip 1: Men like compliments too

The same way women like compliments, men also like them. The fact that men are not used to hearing them makes them appreciate it more when they get one.

Tip 2: Men are always afraid to show their weakness

Men aren’t walls of stones and don’t expect them to be strong always. But an amazing feature about men is that they are always ashamed to show their weakness. They will always want to fight their weakness themselves without expressing or showing it.

Tip 3: Men would rather fix your problems than just listening to them

One of the amazing attributed that makes men unique is the fact they don’t just react to your problem by listening more. They react by trying to fix the problem so you can feel better.

Tip 4: Faking an orgasm doesn’t make a man love you better

Faking an orgasm to make a man feel better doesn’t make the man thing you had an orgasm. It just the ideal way of making a man work hard to actually get the real orgasm. faking it for a man means you are only hurting yourself.

Tip 5: Men sometimes are actually thinking of nothing

Sometimes you might ask a man what he is thinking of and he says nothing. He really means it because men sometimes have nothing going on in their head.

Tip 6: Withholding sex makes a man move away from you

One of the surest ways to put one of a man’s feet out of the door is to withhold sex. Men don’t look over it when you withhold sex because it doesn’t make them feel good.

Tip 7: If you want to define gender equality to a man, be ready to walk up to men and also invite men for dinner

Men actually don’t see it right for women to think they always want to sleep with women after dinner. The same way a woman cannot have the mindset of sleeping with a man after dinner.

Tip 8: It is easy to predict how many women a man has slept with by how funny he is

This sounds funny but true because men that sleep with more ladies always know their way around it and one of the most important tools is to make women laugh.

Tip 9: Men also fake orgasm

The same way women can fake orgasm for a man, a man can actually do the same too. It’s always more difficult to sense when a man fakes orgasm compared to when a woman does.

Tip 10: Men most time fall in love after first meeting

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