25 Surprising Facts About Women

  1. The record of the two highest IQ score in the world belongs to women so don’t joke with a woman intelligence.
  2. The clitoris keeps growing throughout a woman lifetime which practically means they have stronger orgasms in their forties and fifties than in her twenties and teens.
  3. In ancient Greece, Japan, and Egypt, women made use of lint wrapped around paper or wood and softened papyrus to absorb menstruation bleeding.
  4. Some women are naturally born with two uterus’s and sometimes this condition also makes them have two vaginas. The condition is called Uterus Didelphys.
  5. More than 60% of all college degrees are earned by women
  6. Globally, a woman dies every 90 seconds as a result of childbirth or complications of pregnancy.
  7. Men were the people that first wore heels as a sign of their status and masculinity before women imitated them.
  8. Heels were brought back into the women fashion sense by pornography in the 19th century.
  9. Female brain matures two years earlier than males because of the high production of estrogen during puberty.
  10. Highly refined women of the 19th century see the word ked as being too promiscuous and they prefer to say the word limb instead.
  11. Approximately 10% of protestant Christian pastors in the United State are females.
  12. 40% of families with the children have the mother has the singular or principal breadwinner.
  13. Right from infancy, women are generally more interested in non-verbal cues, facial expression and emotional tones in voice than men.
  14. Research and studies have shown that women talk more than men do. (13,000 more words than men).
  15. There is only 209,000 stay at home men but they’re 5 million stay at home women in the United States.
  16. Women live an average of 2-5 years more than men. This isn’t limited to we human, female chimpanzees and orangutans also outlive experience the same cycle.
  17. Both paid and unpaid works, women work 30 minutes more than men daily.
  18. In ancient Rome, women makeup was made of different ingredients which include but are not limited to sweat if gladiators, saffron, lead and olive oil.
  19. The vulva is an encompassing term that can be used to address the clitoris, vagina, and labia together.
  20. Sexual intercourse alone cannot make 75% of women reach their orgasm. You need to touch the clitoris.

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