5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Men


As energetic and important the men are, most people tend to get things wrong about them. The masculine figure is an important figure in our society. They are fathers, husbands, grandfathers, bosses at work, but a few to mention. They play a significant role today in spicing up the relationship as well as making women happy.

Let us take a look at 5 things everyone seems to get wrong about men. They are;

  • Men don’t cry: How saddened! We have symbolized tears to only the womenfolk and have assumed men don’t cry. This is generally wrong. It is very common in our society today to look down on men who tend to open up their emotions by crying. It is regarded as a sign of weakling or being a lady. The bitter truth is that men do cry. Oh yes, they cry when they are hurt just like the women does. They cry when their heart is broken or their dream shatters. They cry when they are in pain, but everyone has gotten it all wrong thinking men don’t cry.
  • Men are bad babysitters: This is very much incorrect. Just like the women folks, men also possess some maternal instincts. Men could actually babysit their children or other people children. Everyone has really painted it that men cannot take care of children. Meanwhile, they tend to be very great at taking care of the kid, bathing them, singing them lullaby, etc.
  • Men help women with the hope of getting sex in return: In most cases, this has become one easy way for us to describe the menfolk. Everyone has seemed to buy this wrong idea and settle down to it. This is just one of the many things people get wrong about men, not all men help out women with the hope of getting sex in return. This isn’t general, it is more of a personal thing because there are men who give out helping hand to women without expecting sex in return.
  • Men don’t have emotions: This is one of the mistakes people make about men. Men actually have emotions and they tend to feel the pain of broken relationship more. Additionally, men are always committed when they are in a relationship.
  • Men only like manly things: Everyone believe men can’t like feminine items like having a pink color as a favorite or painting their room pink. This is not true because men too do at time fall in love with the women folk ruff.

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