How to Get More Results Out of Your Women

Having an awesome time with your partner is an expected experience everyone wants in a relationship. Relationship exists between two parties, but let’s discuss tips to help the man get more from his partner.

1. Have a well- defined relationship. Let your partner understand why both of you are into each other. Make her understand other features that attracted you to her apart from physical qualities.

2.  Be sincere with your feelings.

3. Best of relationship starts as friendship. See each other as best of friends every time.

4. Communicate with her always. She is your friend, tell her things as a friend. Have a heart to heart communicate with her. Tell her things you are interested in about her. Spend quality time together.

5. Always admit you love her in different ways. Saying simple ‘Babe, I love you’ is awesome. Actions, has been said speak louder than voice, i.e. say simple things that are sincere, you don’t need complex words to prove your love, let your feelings reflect in your actions. For example, Compliments when she rocks a new shoe, dress, makeover or hairdo, stimulates her affection towards you the more. Furthermore, you are both partners, but she needs help the more. Be her helpmate. Assist her in many ways you can, from chores, work, emotions and so forth. Listen to her, Appreciate her in forms.

6. Unique Attractive point. As partners, both of you would at least have something you are both interested in. Such as Hobbies. Use this as a unique attractive point to stir up the relationship by making it a kind of love ritual. Make schedule. For example, you both love tennis, apart from watching on TV, you could also book tickets on a weekly or monthly basis, to see a live match. You could also fix both of you to be players, maybe every weekend or at least once a month. It could also be

7. Engage in physical contact outside the bedroom. Physical contact outside the bedroom will make your woman more attracted to you, as she feels you are interested in another aspect of her life and well-being, your interest in her isn’t sexually only.

8. Be firm with important decisions but don’t be too angry for long over any issue.

9. Be optimistic: your female partner needs to be assured, comforted and consoled when there are threatening issues. You need to be positive but more importantly, be factual and reasonable. Being in a bad mood might affect your optimistic and positive view of things. As the male party, you need to be balance most times, to make your partner assured and encourage her. Also, avoid assumptions and negative thinking.

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