Men: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

Sometimes, I always feel I can move the hands of clocks backward so I can correct the mistakes I have made in my dating life and my life generally.

Some of the things I didn’t know have actually cost my relationship and heartbreaks. Anyways, the past has gone but I will ensure everyone reading this article doesn’t make such mistake anymore.

I wish I had known it is important to talk about myself with my partner so my partner can understand me better

I now realized why my relationship has always experienced loopholes. It’s simply because I have always kept details about myself secret and I don’t even care to ask my partner questions so I can get to know more about my date.

Advice: Talk about yourself and who you are with your partner. Also, ask questions about your partner.

I wish I has known earlier that I need to keep my emotion in check

This is one of the mistakes I will always avoid making in the future, No matter how the person gives me butterflies, and I will never let my heart run away from me. Sometimes the feeling isn’t real, there are just to pass time.

Advice: Always keep your emotions in check

I didn’t know it’s important to know the friends of the person you are dating

Meeting the friends or family of your date allows you to learn more about your date and it also helps you see how the future might look like. When you are dating someone, there is a need to keep the family part of the deal because there must able to tolerate you.

Advice: Meet with the friends of your date

There is a need to discuss values and views about life together

How I wish I had known this earlier, I am sure my ex wouldn’t have moved on with a new partner. My partner doesn’t know my views, likes, and dislikes. It also makes my partner cross my part very often as both of us don’t have an idea of what we like and dislike.

Advice: Talk your views and values with your partner

I needed to take my time

I wish I had known that love that heats up too quickly flames out sooner. It’s so painful I didn’t know this earlier. I recently realized there is a need to spend a long time getting to know each other better so you can be sure if you are making the right choice. I wish I had known I had to find the right balance first before jumping into the bed.

Advice: Take your time

I wish I knew being attentive helps make a relationship grow

I am always doing one thing or the other and I tend to forget the fact that being attentive is more powerful and it also makes your partner comfortable with you.

Advice: Be very attentive to your partner. Every details matter.

I didn’t see anything important in connecting daily

 I always hide under the umbrella of my busy schedule and I tend to forget to call or even drop a text for my partner. I forgot the fact that communication and the daily connection is the foundation of every relationship and it also helps grow emotional support.

Advice; Always connect your partner daily

I wish I had always known there is a need to listen to my intuition

One of the biggest tips I wish I had gotten is to act with my brain and not my heart whenever I am not comfortable in a relationship. I tend to glue myself to the person because of the physical beauty and I forget my emotions and feelings.

Advice: Listen to your intuition

There is no need to manage

I always hide my feelings and I don’t let my partner know whenever I am not feeling what I needed to feel.

Advice: Don’t hesitate to tell your partner how you feel.

That money doesn’t buy love

I am not the only person that has made this mistake but I wish I had known that earlier. I always wanted to express how much I love my partner by spending but I actually realized things don’t work out when money comes first.

Advice: Never rush to spend your partner on your partner

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