Why You’re Failing at Women

There are majorly three sets of men you will find. The first set is those that make things happen, the second set is that watch things happen and the thirds set are those that wonder how things happen. This article will explain truthfully why you are failing at women.

Firstly, it is important to add that meeting women, dating and getting into a long term relationship are all in your control. You have the power to do this and but here is the reason why you are failing.

You aren’t approaching them

One of the hardest pills for men to swallow is walking up to a woman. If you fail to approach women on a regular basis, you would never get better at women. Don’t place too much emotional investment in interaction and don’t see it as a big deal even if she doesn’t respond the way you expect her to respond.

For you not to fail at women, you must not get yourself stuck to the first lady you ever meet. This is because there is a need to have life experience so you can understand women better. Let’s take a car, for example, you can never learn how to drive a car without getting inside, same as relationship because you can never get it right with women if you are not with any woman.

You are not looking inwards

Another reason why you are failing at women is that you are always blaming them for your problems. Don’t complain too much about your spending on her or how you are putting effort to keep up with the relation. Don’t let the outlook be a problem.

Not listening actively

Your horrible listening skills might be one of the reasons why you have never gotten it right with women. One of the major determinants that keep the communication going with women is active listening. It goes as far as making communication better.

Putting women on a pedestal

Don’t have a misguided belief system about women. Don’t ever believe no woman is better than you because of your status or look. That’s just a myth because things have changed in the modern world.

Also, don’t place too much importance on women because of their beauty. You are only bringing down your social values which can make you fail with her.


This is the second most useless human emotions after hate. This is because jealousy doesn’t make anything work. It makes the relationship unhealthy and insecure. If you can stay away from jealousy, you will tend to success with your woman. Jealousy also drains the energy you can channel towards getting better with your woman and it actually increases the chance if your woman cheating.

Other reasons why you are failing with women include:

  • Not knowing the perfect time to back out of discussions, argument or even the relationship
  • Failing to take actions that will help propel and make the relationship stronger
  • Not keeping up to how you started with her (don’t ever start what you cannot finish)

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