Relationships: A 12-Point Checklist

As the year goes by, with diversity in technology and a much busier lifestyle, the success of relationships has drastically reduced overtimes. Nowadays, you often hear people lament about their relationship that is not working. A healthy relationship goes a long way in guarantying one’s happiness and peace of mind, hence the need for unhealthy relationships to be avoided.  Good relationships nourish and allow each partner to feel accepted and love while a bad relationship distracts, harm and change both parties making them feel sad, angry and frustrated.

Research shows that the couple that has more things in common, similar interest in things that has to do with their day to day activities are more likely to have a successful relationship. It is healthy for every relationship to have a checklist that will determine the standard of their relationship. This checklist helps individuals to know what they are looking for in a relationship and help them maintain a high standard. If you want to better understand the strength and weaknesses of your partner, you should definitely have a checklist that will point your relationship to either success or failure. There are certain important things to assess in every relationship. This article will provide you with a 12-point checklist that will be of great help to your relationship.

Below are important 12 checklists for everyone aiming for a successful relationship; they are:

  • PHYSICAL COMPATIBILITY: it is important to be with a partner that you find physically attractive and whose physical attribute is compatible with yours. This is not equivalent to saying that you must make physical appearance your priority or look for someone who is extremely gorgeous or have a supermodel-like look. The point is your spouse should fit in into your personality because it would be unfair for you to be ashamed of walking alongside with your partner on the road.
  • COMMON INTEREST: this is one big point to note because a relationship where both partners do not possess common interest would be difficult for both partners to be together for a long time. Check if you and your spouse have an interest in a particular hobby, work, skills etc. because these things help keep conversations and communications alive.
  • SEX: How is your sex life? Is it still a source of pleasure in your relationship or a source of tension and disappointment? Talking about sexual compatibility, you should be with a person whose sex urge matches yours and feel sexually attracted to otherwise disaster is set to happen.
  • RESPECT: Every individual on earth love to be respected and honored because it has a way of telling on our self-esteem as an individual. You and your partner should have mutual respect for each other. Even when you both disagree on issues because we all have different background and views about life, you should still be able to respect each other.
  • HONESTY: The level of transparency in every relationship improve trust and bond of both partners. A lying partner would always put the other trust to question and this is not good enough for the partner.
  • DON’T COMPARE: It is always good to start afresh with your partner in a new relationship. Comparing your current partner to your past partners or exes would make your relationship go bad so endeavor to leave your past relationship behind and start afresh.
  • COMMITMENT: Some people just keep a relationship for the fun of it, hence the need for you to check the commitment level of the relationship so as not to waste time, energy and resources.
  • LISTENING EARS: some people get carried away with other things that they forget to give listening ears to their partners. You should listen to your partner and get to learn more about the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with.
  • FRIENDS: A popular proverb says that some of your friend and I will tell you who you are. Make sure you get to know and assess your partner’s friends.
  • BE REAL: even if you decide to fake on your first date, on the long run, your true version will eventually come out so it is important to be real as much as you can to your partner.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Your checklist should be flexible because they are mere guidelines for your relationship. It shouldn’t stop you from dating anyone who could actually be good for you.
  • CONVERSATION: Talk, talk, and talk. Talk about everything and anything because communication is the key to a healthy relationship.

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