Best colors to wear to make you look slim


Everybody has great admiration for a sexy body look and you would agree with me that being sexy has a lot do to with your body size. Ladies having slimmer body tends to rock more these days, drawing attention to their sexy body look. However, there is a way around you looking slimmer even with your heavyweight body size.

If you have a big body size like full hips or wide shoulders or perhaps a big belly, there are ways you can go about you making them look slimmer.  Overweight and bulgy stomachs are not uncommon among ladies these days due to their unhealthy eating habit. And this has posed a threat to their insecurity as looking thinner seems to give some sense of security to a lady’s body. Hence the search for possible ways to look slimmer by overweight and fat ladies.

Choosing the appropriate colors for your wears go a long way on how you look. There are basically colors that add weight to your body and likewise colors that reduce weight from it. This principle is applied in painting/arts as well giving that every dark color does the reduction while bright colors do the opposite.

Therefore, in selecting your outfits, you need to apply this rule in order to achieve your aim of looking slimmer. You can use colors to play the tricks and look slimmer than you are as you step out. Color is the very first thing most people tend to notice in every outfit. Even people with no sense of fashion are very active when it comes to noticing the color of every outfit.

Let’s take a detailed look into the colors that can help you play this trick off you looking slimmer than you are. The colors you should then consider in this regards include:

Black: Black is a unique fashions sense for everyone and has no regards for body size. This color is associated with elegance and it is a very safe color to go around with. The reason you should consider wearing black outfits when trying to look slimmer than you are, it’s because it creates an illusion of a flatter body shape to the human eyes. The black color makes it difficult for people to easily detect shapes.

Another magic black does it that it makes you appear taller. It draws attention to your thinner body part and concealing the chubby side.  Dark colors can be considered for shorts and skirts especially when you desire to draw attention away from your hip and thigh region. You can also make do with a black jacket for official outing it will help you hide the curve from your sides and give you a balanced appearance.

Darker shades of blues, purples and brown; all darker shades colors in general can make you look skinny. You should then consider them for your wardrobe selection, preferably dark shades of blues, purples and browns. Aside making you look thinner, it makes you look taller as well. You necessarily do not have to be a fashion person before you can experiment with these colors. You can start by wearing shades like navy blue, chocolate brown, dark green etc. The dark shades these colors possess helps in reducing your body weight in the eyes of your beholders.

Some carefully selected bright colors: Bright shades colors like pink, red, yellow and green can also make you look thin but you do not necessarily have to get in all red or pink for this purpose. You can achieve this by carefully getting in a bright shade color on a black or a darker shades color like the color brown.  This can be done by putting on a pink blazer or a red jacket to go with a darker shade color for the downward part. This works by removing some pounds from your body line and making you appear taller and slimmer.

Putting these few tricks given above and look slimmer. The magic of it all is making do with the appropriate colors in your wardrobe and then you are good to go.

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