10 Top Ways To Attract Your Date

I’m sure almost all ladies want to get the man they’re going out on a date with as theirs and particularly wants a date with the man over and over again. Being emotionally and physically attractive is one of the key factors in achieving this, you have to look smart on your first date and not put on a stressed face, relax and hide any kind of depression you’re going through, at least on your first date with him. Who wants to go out with a monster again? No one. You need to learn and cultivate some dating skills on your first date so he can always want to go out with you again, making a first impression is your personal responsibility, so you need to work on that.

Here are some tips that can make him always want to see you again.

1. It doesn’t matter how many times you have had your bath that day, when it is time for the date, freshen up and wear a dress fit for a date. Where you’re going out to or what time it is doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you dress nicely and attractive. Sweatshirts and yoga are no for this kind of outing. Take your time to select your clothes, make your hair and fix your nails or tidy them up. Don’t wear tight clothes but make sure they’re fit, so you can be confident and also concentrate on the date. Make sure you don’t leave for the date without wearing a perfume too because scents linger in men’s senses.

2. Convince him about your confidence. Confidence is also attractive to a lady. Tell him your dreams and how you want to achieve them. Tell him what makes you feel more of yourself and special, which may be talent, hobby and so on.

3. Be yourself. You guys might need to talk about each other and share personal and common interests, but don’t pretend or lie about who you really are. You are already building trust on your first date and lies won’t last as time goes on, it’s going to catch up with you. Tell him about the little weaknesses you have, it will make him feel you really trust him and also feel more comfortable with you.

4. Be interesting and show interest in him. Actively listen to your date when talking and pay full attention. Maintain eye contacts, giggle, laugh, respond and nod your head as this will give him the impression that you’re paying attention to him. Ask him questions and don’t be too dominating in the discussion, also don’t allow him to dominate, make it balanced.

5. Have fun and flirt with him. Lean on him while talking, touch him probably when you’re laughing hard, you can stand closer to him than you do to a normal friend. These make him feel you have more interested in him than just being friends. Don’t accept everything he says, let him know your own opinions too. Engage him in discussions and don’t be distracted.

6. Speak to him about loving to hang out with him again. You can say something like “I enjoyed myself today and I won’t mind going out with you one more time” when finishing your date.

7. Set boundaries before the date. Tell him what you want and what you don’t want on the date. Let him also know what the date would entail, what it can lead to and what it can not lead to.

8. Don’t feel entitled. It’s normal for you to feel like you’re entitled to something is that he asked you out on a date, but you really don’t have to.

9. Fascinate your date. Bring up interesting topics, make him laugh, ask him questions about himself and what he loves to do. As said earlier, while doing this, don’t dominate the discussion, push him to talk and ask you some questions too about yourself. Do funny things but don’t piss him off.

10. Show him some respect irrespective of how lengthy the date is. Take excuses, say thank you when he probably passes you things or does little things for you.

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