10 Top Ways To Detect The Friend Zone

Almost everyone jokes around with the friend zone thingy but it’s not always fun when we experience it because it can be one of the hurting situations to find one’s self. Friendzoning is as painful as being hurt and heartbroken by someone’s lover. Friendzoning exists because we assume too much that someone has feelings for us or admires us when they give us more of their time or shows interest. Finding true love is hard work because many people exist and the person that will pick you must have liked you so much. Friendzoning is natural to an extent. Interestingly, the good girls and nice guys get hooked in friend zoning and no one knows why it’s like that. Some say maybe it’s because ladies love guys who are adventurous or guys love ladies who are very confident, who knows? When you get friendzoned, you need not get stuck, learn to move on from it, don’t beat yourself up because someone friendzone you, notice the signs and move on from it.

Getting head over heels for someone but you don’t truly know if they feel the same for you, here are some signs that can make you know you’re in the friend zone.

1. How comfortable is she around you? Does she tell you when things that excite or bores her happens to her or she keeps it to herself? Can she tell you everything? If they can, it’s a sign you are in the friend zone, because if some love you in a romantic way, there’s a way they present their personal matters to you. When she doesn’t want you, she shows you the good parts of her because she only wants to impress, the one who truly has feelings for a guy will hide so much about herself and will not be comfortable talking in front of him. If otherwise, you are a friend she can trust and not the boyfriend she’s picturing.

2. If she tells you about the guys she likes. When she starts to constantly talk about a guy she likes, probably in her class or office or one she just met, she might be asking you to advise her on what she can do to make the guy like her or ask her out on a date. Same way if she has always talked about the kind of guys she likes or admires, you’re obviously getting friend zoned. If she loves you or has something for you, she won’t ask you to advise her on how to get a guy to ask her out take her out on a date. If she compares you and you’re the best, she might be considering you but if she doesn’t mention your name at all, you are getting friend zoned.

3. When she gives you pet names, such as BFF, buddy, kiddo, my brother, then she’s not interested. She won’t call you any of these if she loves you let alone calling you that in public places.

4. Always end up at her shoulder. When she leans on you when she needs help or she’s down, it means you’re nothing but just a friend to her. Probably she turns to you after a breakup or wants you to sit with her on a table or something, these are clear signs she doesn’t want you as a boyfriend.

5. If she dresses up in front of you. This clearly means you’re a friend to her because if she’s connected to you romantically she will feel she’s not looking good enough and adjust every single thing she’s putting on every now and then.

6. You shared a bed and nothing happened. If she sleeps off immediately and comfortable when you are both sharing a bed, she clearly wants you as a friend.

7. Does she do what you want? Has she ever adjusted her schedule for yours or squeeze out time for you? Watch that.

8. If there is no physical contact. If she doesn’t allow you to touch her, it’s a clear sign you’re in the friend zone.

9. If she brings a friend when you two are supposed to go out.

10. Casual dates signify friend zone.

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