5 Secrets About Dating That Nobody Will Tell You

1. Sharing your feelings and emotions:

When you are in a relationship, sharing and talking about your emotions becomes essential. When you share your feelings with your partner, I mean both positive and negative. It makes partner iron out issues easily and they are aware of the ding you have for them.

No one will tell you to communicate with your partner. We are all aware it is a key factor when dating. You should also note that when communication is open and honest you will be able to subsist many things. Do not also let your previous problem affect your current relationship as many relationships end up because their partner does not communicate well.

You will not the above because people see it as normal but guess what? They are a lot of relationships that they do not communicate well. If you are able to share your feelings and your emotions while dating, this can make the relationship go along way

2. Respect your difference.

Being different does not mean you are not compatible. Appreciate any positive sides of any personality traits that you think are negative. Accept them the way they are. They are full of dramas in a relationship which some can be annoying and frustrating sometimes. The best you are to do is to keep calm and resolve issues amicably, take it up gently and be polite in a way he or she will embrace the point.

Always respect your partner as it is the keystone of any relationship. You can do that by being mindful on how you communicate with each other; demonstrate high-level trust; be relevant, reliable and accountable; do not criticize your partner for anything.

In addition to the above, always respect your partner’s suggestions and opinions. Even if you disagree with it, respect the suggestion.

3. Have some fun together.

It is an important part while dating to bond together with your partner and also make time to have fun together. Most partners think fun in all relationship is sex alone. Having sex is fun but they are some other types of fun that strengthen relationships. Everything should not work or spending time on house chores.

You can go for exciting dates and adventures. Schedule a fun time during your leisure time by visiting film house, clubhouse, going on tours, concert or visiting the beach. This keeps memories in the head of the partner. Sex is not the only fun.

4. Surprise your partner

Always do something amazing. Money is not the only thing that you can use to shock your partner. You can surprise him or her by bringing up a memory lane of a past event. Pay him an unusual visit but you need to check his or her availability. Also, one of the best ways of amazing your partner is to plan new things which will benefit both parties without the other getting informed.

Furthermore, surprise with gifts of any kind. Do not wait until you have loads of money before you can buy a gift for your partner. Also, flirt around your partner as you mean it. Take yourself back to the first memories of how you crave for each other.

5. Plan a detailed future.

The future is always exciting when you are ready for it. A relationship without goals is just a friend of benefit. It is important to set goals and works towards achieving it. This is possible by planning because without a plan you have no destination, without no destination, your journey can become stale.

Making plans together is a way to make sure your relationship is in the right direction for both of you.

When your plans are not the same, work on fine-tuning it. For examples, you are talking about your trip outside the country and he his talking about having babies. You can see the plans are in different directions. Talk about it and conclude.

Strategize by having your long, medium and short term goals together and plan a better future.


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