A Really, Really Short Guide to Women

Men often mistake women for complicated pieces of puzzles that can never be solved. What if I told you that this notion is in contrast with the true nature of women. Women respond efficiently to the treatments they get from men; if you treat her well, she is sure to reciprocate. If you don’t, you just might be grooming a bitch. This article offers insights into who women truly are.

Unlike men, women are highly emotional and pay more attention to what men would casually disregard. For instance, when they are emotionally troubled, they tend to let it out by being moody or shedding tears while men prefer to wear the “Hakuna Matata” look even when they are burning inside.

  • Women love attention: women love it when people (especially) the opposite sex pay attention to them. They are super sensitive to appreciative gaze, compliments on how dazzling they look, how they walk and all. A compliment to a woman doesn’t necessarily have to be factual for her to believe it; she only needs to hear something good about herself.
  • Women rely on the opinions of their friends: women often appear to be indecisive; this is not exactly the case as they have an entirely different value system. Unlike men, women exhibit a lesser degree of certainty when it comes to decision making; they care more about what others (especially friends) think about what they have decided. From making friends to what they wear, they would rather consult others and factor in their opinions before they take a decision.
  • Women love bad boys: “bad boys” in this context doesn’t translate to a guy who drinks, smokes batters and the likes but rather a guy who takes his own decisions and stands by them, a guy faces his challenges head-on instead of wallowing in a pool of self-pity, experiences things for himself without second guesses. His life is a constant adventure. With such a guy, women are at least sure they have capable shoulders to lean on when things go wrong.
  • They love to be defended by men: this fact explains why women tend to flow better with men with balls; there know there will be times they will need you to defend them. To most women, being bold goes beyond a man’s captivating physique; a man must be able to speak boldly in a woman’s defense. Women are so thrilled and pleased with this!
  • They love the variety of outfits: ever wondered why the need of women in terms of clothes, accessories, footwear and the like is insatiable? Its answer is quite simple, provided they have the means to achieve this goal, women love to appear new, different and fashionable every single day. It gives them an unexplainable sense of uniqueness. They don’t mind spending hours deciding on what to wear to an occasion on a particular day; they just want to be unique.
  • Women love men who listen while they express themselves: when a woman observes a man to be a good listener, it encourages her to pour out her heart the more. Women also prefer to confide more in men who are good listeners than their female counterparts.
  • Women love men who care about how they feel: care in this regard goes beyond just asking how she feels; she wants to sense that genuine attitude from you. Beyond asking you should be kind enough to suggest a possible solution(s) after she has discussed what bothers her. Being obnoxious to her feelings even when you are sure something is wrong suggests to her that you have a cold heart.
  • Women hate being forced: once she says no to a particular cue from you; say for instance a hug, Respect her enough to keep it that way. Forcing her will only make things worse. According to research, women experience mood swings when their hormonal levels are unstable. Perhaps she is not in the mood; do well to give her some time, She will definitely get over it.

With these tips, I am quite certain you now know how simple women can be when treated the right way; you might want to consciously put these tips into practice.

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