What Is Love?


Love is a unique abstract word,   not only because of the words but the feeling, positive and Happy sensation gotten from the said word “love”. A unique word that means multiple things to every individual. It is conscious positive feeling felt from ones innermost sense of human soul, according to the English Dictionary, ‘it is a feeling of strong attachment which is being induced by a passion, admiration, and safety.

Love is a feeling that covers a wide range of strong and positive emotional and mental state of human life, from the most Kindly gestures or good moral habit, the deepest interpersonal affection or interpersonal positive moral habit and to the simplest pleasure one enjoys.

Love is a complex matrix of the emotion of attachment and in some cases obsession.  People could be in love with many things, but the love between two people is unique and special. It is a feeling of trust and wholeness. Love is rarely defined because everyone experiences ita different perspective.

The word is used most times according to definitions given in the dictionary, i.e an intense feeling of deep affection. In other words, love is what one feels. Love could be a feeling, also be seen as an enacted emotion. love is to feel and act, a deep sense of strong attachment.

True love, a willingness to sacrifice your own happiness for someone else’s. It means doing your best to support and understand your partner. Love is a sensation of great affection for someone,  a Mood or Conscious likeness or desire for something very much, A feeling of great pleasure in something (passion).

Love a unique word with limitless meanings, boundless undefined definitions, and unexplained scientific sensation and Enthusiasm. Love is a powerful emotion a human being could ever experience.

Love is an indeed splendid experience in any human life. It’s one major reason why human rekindle their purpose of existence.  True love in human life, the world seems to be a better place. Love could be seasonal, having its moments of strength and weakness. There are seasons when love gets so interesting, exciting and also seasons when love appears not to flow as desired; understanding this concept of love determines the progress of any type of love relationship.

Love is could be Expressed in different ways, from being Chastised for wrongdoing, to being applauded for a remarkable achievement or feat. Love is an expression that if not expressed as per norms could lead to a regretted state of human life, specifically the emotionally and in some cases mentally, and when not fully expressed could turn into an obsession.

The word “love” without knowing the true meaning of what it entails is being used by some people just for fun and don’t realize that love is supposed to be much more intense than just at the surface. This misunderstanding of love is a major factor to why relationships suffer, marriages end and love flames is no longer rekindled. A full understanding of love help and the sustainability of human relationships with less stress and no struggle.

  Love is so intriguing, interesting and hot and it can also be so cold and a wrong experience could be unbelievable and unimaginable. Partners in love should always strive to make each other comfortable and happy. Happiness is also important in any human relationship and the existence of happiness no matter the condition should be everyone’s goal. Ther would be misunderstandings, but it should not lead to chaos and unhappiness. You should learn and endeavor to solve that moment of unhappiness to achieve happiness; in such manner, you would maintain a considerable level of happiness which would sustain your relationship.

Understanding love and truly loving your partner, you will realize that there are certain behaviors and characters you have to avoid in your relationship in order to maintain your love. Those factors that will bring down your love; such as a lack of mutual understanding between you and your partner, lack of communication, selfishness, anger, betrayal of trust, being insensitive and overprotective, etc; should be removed from your relationship. Partners who are in love today might experience a loss of deep feeling between them if they fail to understand the concept of love. This loss of connection by means of the drop in love may cause break-up or divorce and can also be corrected if you understand the concept of love.

It is so important to love with all your heart and with deep feeling towards your partner. It is easier to overcome the stormy days of a relationship with great love and if you are able to understand the concept of love very well, you stand a chance of sustaining your relationship.

Types of love.

There are Four major categories of which love may be exhibitor expressed

Eros: Eros is sexual or passionate love, and is the type synonymous to our modern day mentality and Perspective of romantic love.

Agape: An abstract kind of love that all other types of love. Unconditional Love from the supernatural. Agape love is considered to be the love originating from God or Christ for humanity.

Philo’s: Self and Friendship affectionate love. It’s a type of love that exists in a family, between friends, a desire or enjoyment of an activity, also an intimate relationship.

Storage: A Familiar Love.

Other Examples of loves types could be expressed in any of the four major categories; which are, Ludus meaning Playful Love, and Pragma which means Enduring Love

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