Having Sex Without Commitment

A commitment can be described as an act of dedicating one’s self to something, a person or a cause. A commitment obliges an individual to or not to carry out an action. In plain terms, sex is intimate intercourse between two people of mutual mindsets. Yes, it is pleasurable. Its aftermath might not be as good particularly if one or both partners involved have a commitment to another relationship or belief; such individuals may experience guilt and consequently emotional instability. This article discourses sex with commitment.

The cliché “friends with benefits” translates to mutual benefit; meaning that sex is even more enjoyable when both parties have just one thing in mind- fun; no commitments, no interfering thoughts just momentary pleasure. However, before engaging in the act, it is important that you put some measures in place. Some of these measures are:

  • Stay safe: this part is the most important. Your protection is completely in your hands; you don’t know what he or she is doing behind your back
  • Be sure that is what you both want: what you both want should be the same thing; casual sexual pleasure. Making sure this holds for both of you reduces the risk of misinterpretation
  • Make sure sex is the main event: stalling is totally unnecessary if you know what you both want, why watch a movie in pretense? Cut to the chase.
  • Split up as soon as the business is over: laying on the bed beside him might arouse some unwarranted feelings. It is important that you don’t overstay your welcome.


  • You don’t have to explain to anybody: this is a huge relief for many in that there is absolutely no need for any form of explanation to or from either partner. All they need the do is enjoy the moment and move on with life
  • It boosts self-esteem: according to research, engaging in casual sex is a viable means of boosting self-esteem and wellbeing. Aside from the happiness derived from having sex with an uncommitted partner, knowing that the person also wants you makes you want to be a better version of yourself hence, a boost in your self-esteem.
  • It rejuvenates: having sex has been closely linked with rejuvenation it doesn’t matter whether you are committed or not. According to research carried out by Edinburgh hospital, people with an active sexual life appear 5-7 years younger. What matters, in this case, is not the number of times an individual has sex but the quality of sex he or she has.
  • It reduces stress: sex is has been proven to be one of the most effective antidotes for stress. According to research, individuals who have had sex more recently suffer less stress in comparison to those who have not. A scientific explanation to this is that sexual intercourse reduces the levels of cortisol; a hormone responsible for stress.
  • It fosters cardiovascular health: as you know, the heart is the powerhouse of the body. Sex in itself is a form of exercise. During sexual activity, the heart is actively functional; the pumping action of the heart keeps the heart muscles in good shape.
  • It lowers the risk of insomnia: it is normal to feel tired after a sexual act. This happens because, during sex, serotonin and melatonin are released; the hormones that control circadian rhythm (the internal body clock that regulates the biological process in an individual).

Since the advantages of sex without commitment have been listed, it is only logical that the disadvantages attached to the subject matter be listed:


  • According to the Journal of Sex Research, sex without commitment can make the individuals involved to entertain a feeling of emptiness by virtue of guilt; though this does not apply to everybody.
  • When sex without commitment is engaged in with a friend, it is important that you draw the boundaries of the relationship as failure to do this may negatively affect the friendship.

So much has been said about sex without commitment. The benefits derived from it as well as its aftermath are completely dependent on the partners involved. Most importantly, they need to define the act and things from this point on will occur rather spontaneously.

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