Are We In A Relationship Or Just Dating

Being in a relationship doesn’t just come by. It takes two people to come together and share each other lives. What goes on in his world comes to yours and visa verse. Are we in a relationship or just dating you ask, well lets take a look at what it is to be in a relationship. First off a relationship is the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected. Now this is not an automatic thing here, to be connected this mean that the both of you are joined or linked together.

Here Are 8 Signs That Your In A Relationship And Not Just Dating

When two people come together you normally start out as friends. Taking your time to get to know each other is the best thing that you can do for yourself. If you don’t your heart may fall in love for someone who isn’t good for you. You asked a question, “are we in a relationship or are we just dating” Here are 8 signs that your in a relationship.

You meet the family – Meeting the parents is very important in all relationships. Most people will not allow you to meet the family just to come in and out of their lives.

You call each other everyday – Typically if your not in a relationship he or she will not call you on a regular basis.

You see each other or spend time together at least 5 days out of the week – Normally if you’re not together, he or she may see you once or twice a week.

He or she will be concerned not just about your well-being, but also what goes on in your life – Most of the time if it’s nothing more than dating, he or she will not be consistent. Days can pass by and you may be going through the fire and they don’t even know it.

Moving In – He or she may be like, ok, were seeing each other on a regular basis, maybe we should consider moving in with each other. Moving in with each other is a sure sign of a relationship because no one goes from meeting one day and moving in with each other the next day.

He or she may begin setting plans in place for your future – What are your aspirations they ask. Maybe you should try this or maybe you should try that. They only ask because your future is now apart of theirs.

Love Affection – Love affection is something that you share with each other on a regular basis. You will not feel used, but you will gladly take every kiss and hug. This type of love affection is prominent and meaningful. If your not in a relationship at times you may feel used with no assurance.

Although there are many signs that shows your in a relationship, I have gathered together the most important signs to detect a relationship. But there’s something better and greater than all of these signs listed. I like to call it C O M M I T M E N T.

If you meet someone and your at the point where you want to do more than just date, this is what you should do. Ask! Ask if the two of you could take your friendship to a more conservative level. Not just any level, but a committed one. Ask the question, is it ok for us to have a committed relationship?

What is a committed relationship? lets take a look! A committed relationship is when two people come together and decide the level of commitment that you two will be sharing with one another.

Different Types Of Relationships

There are different types of relationships, which one do you fall in and do you want to fall there?

Although there are different types of relationships, the best relationship to have should be exclusive. Having an exclusive relationship is defined as an agreement between the two of you that neither of you is sexually pursuing other people. This doesn’t mean that you’re automatically in a relationship or that you have to start using words like boyfriend or girlfriend. But the first step is to make sure the both of you are exclusive. Now it’s time for the details! Talk it out, share with each other what makes you happy. Talk about being a committed couple, make sure you both understand!

Relationship Or Just Dating?

What is dating? Dating is short term and full of romance without any commitment to each other. Dating is totally different than having a relationship. Just meeting someone and simply riding around is not a relationship. You may be seeing each other, but there’s no commitment in place. You May see it one way, but the other person may see it another way. Your date may have plans for you that you may not know. If you’re looking for something more secure you may want to discuss a commitment. Now this don’t come about right away, but having this discussion will put you at ease.

Don’t Allow Yourselves To Be Used

No one wants to be used, it’s not the best feeling. That’s why it is so important that the two of you have an understanding. Whether you’re going to be dating being friends with benefits or dating to get to know each other for a future commitment. If you don’t have an understanding between the two of you, you may be setting yourself up for a broken heart.

Not having a commitment can lead to several problems if you do not have an understanding. You may begin to feel used and before you know it, sex continuously rolls around. Yeah you may go out on a few dates here and there a couple of walks in the park, but nothing more. Wow you made me being used your date may be looking for another person that they can have that commitment with.

Is That What You Want? If not, make sure to have an understanding and work towards a commitment.

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