Boring Ways Some People Approach Women

Perhaps due to their innate sensitive nature women are usually perceived by men to require a lot of rehearsals and well thought-out structures particularly when it comes to relating with them for the first time. The truth here is that women are humans too, they have feelings just as men do; keep this in mind and you will have fewer reservations about relating with them. The first impression matters a lot; I mean no man wants to give a woman a terrible first impression about himself. This article enumerates boring ways of approaching women and how they can be corrected.

  • Walking up to her indirectly: Aside from being sensitive, women are very observant; they could sense your approach from a visible distance away. From this point on, they begin to partially keep an eye on you. Imagine you stopped by at a few tables unnecessarily out fear of what the outcome of your intended adventure would be; she senses a guy who isn’t even sure of his action. Not good for a first impression, is it? It is important that you walk straight and as confidently as possible. By doing this you have increased the odds of striking an interesting conversation at least.
  • Terrible eye contact: generally, good eye contact is a measure of confidence. On walking up to a lady, it is important that you look directly in her eyes when she is talking to you. This doesn’t only reveal the fact that you are confident, it also assures her that you are attentive to her and that what she says matters to you. Looking away momentarily especially during a discussion is a sure turn-off for most women; they would rather not talk to you at all.
  • Not complimenting her: it’s a clear fact that women never get tired of compliments. To women complements are like new paint on a car; it makes the car look more attractive. When you compliment women she feels immeasurably good about herself. Regardless of what the real situation is, say for instance her colors don’t match and you happen to have noticed this, complement one of the items she’s wearing; chances are that she will respond with a deep smile and a thank you. You don’t want to strike her as a perfectionist and a bore by not saying anything about what she spent hours in front of her mirror trying to perfect.

Being clueless about how to start or sustain a conversation: ok, you have a great start already. How do you sustain the tempo? Obviously not by staring into space thinking of what to say next. As a guy, it is important that you are vast. Women love men who

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