How Do I Know If She Likes Me

Are you in the early stage of your dating? Or do you like a girl and want to know if she likes you back or not? Are you nervous about asking the girl out? Do you want to be sure if the girl likes you or not before going out with her?

There are many ways you can know this. You can certainly not ask her straight if she likes you or not, but you can notice closely for the signs. There are several signs which you will notice in a girl if she likes you.

If you are a guy who is the shy type or the one who is the confident one, but still you cannot figure easily if she likes you or not. For that, you need to do some research. This does not have to be hardcore research, but you need to find out what signs she might show if she is into you. You need to make a checklist in your mind and notice what is she trying to tell you.

If you are unaware of the signs you might end up waiting and eventually losing the person you like. It is better to get some homework done. We are here to help you with that. You need to figure if she is really into you or not. The following are the few signs that you might notice in a girl if she is into you. Let’s check. If the following sign match to your girl, it is surely a positive sign and you can go ahead with asking her out.

Does She Laugh at the Jokes You Crack?

If you notice her laughing at your jokes, all of them, even the bad ones, she is definitely into you. You will notice her giggling and laughing in front of you, more than usual. Even if she is a shy kind she will show this expression and try to enjoy every joke of yours.


Mirroring means someone replicates your actions. If the girl is mirroring you, it is a clear sign. Do you change your posture and she changes in the same way? You do something does she do it at the same time. This shows that the girl is trying to replicate you in every way and is also dropping hint for you.

Are You Two Added on Each Other’s Social Media?

Did she add you on every social media platform soon after you guys met? Did she do it first? What else do you want? It is a certain sign that she wants you to see the way she is and want you to be a part of her community.

Length of Her Texts

Do you notice the length of her texts? Is it the same length as your texts? Does she write you a long message that can almost fill several sheets? Well, that is great. You should know that it’s a sign of her liking you. Also, does she try to tell you every detail of her day? Do you already know her routine and her likes and dislikes? This shows that she likes you.

Leaning In

If she leans in while she talks to you. Or she sits closer to you while sitting together. Does she tease you a little? Are you liking her being all close to you? This is a perfect signal of her liking you a lot. She feels comfortable in your presence and she is confident when she is with you.

Lip Biting and Smiling

Lip biting is considered a huge sign in the dating world. It is when the girl really likes you and wants to express that, she will bite her lip in front of you and make it noticeable. You will also notice her smiling more than usual, isn’t is a simple sign of her liking you more and more? Lip biting is not only sexy but will also make you positive about her liking you a lot.

Pupil Dilation

That is a medical thing. Science says if you like someone your pupil will dilate when you are talking to them. We are sure you are unable to take your eyes off from her when she is around, but did you notice her pupils? Do they dilate when she is looking at you? If yes. Voila! It is a great sign.

Also, if she is with you and blinks more often, it is also a good sign.

Her Body Posture

If she likes you will see it in her body language. You will see her facing towards you and her body towards you and even the foot will face towards you. She might like you so much that she is all drooling over you and it is difficult for her to stay away from you. She tries to show every possible sign to indicate her feelings for you.

Does She Touch You?

Did you notice that? Has she started touching you? That is because she likes you. She will play with your hair or touch your face. She might also lean onto your shoulder. This is pretty much clear now. She will also want you to know how much she is into you.


This is the main part. She will start giving you more attention than she gives to the rest of her friends. She will treat you like a royalty and will make you feel better in every situation. She will empathize with you and want to comfort you. She will also notice every single mood swing of you and how are you feeling that moment. You will become her priority and she will want to be with you more than anything. If you notice all of this in the girl, she is the right one for you.

If you are noticing the above-mentioned signs, the girls like you and want to be with you. This shall clear all your doubts and now you should make your first move. Try to make it special for her and yourself. And also try to research some dating tips for yourself before going on the date. For more dating tips and advice, you can visit our website  

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